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Essential Emergency Kits

Emergency survival kit containing essential emergency supplies such as a 5-6 day supply of Datrex Food and Water Rations, flashlight, blanket, and more.

Disasters or emergencies can happen anywhere. Anytime. Be ready for any situation with 72HOURS. At 72HOURS, we strive to provide you with the emergency tools and survival supplies you will need to face any disaster or emergency. 

Our 72HOURS Essential Kits will ensure you need to worry about yourself or your family during a crisis. The 72HOURS Essential Kit contains all the survival necessities you need in the event of an evacuation, an emergency, or a natural disaster. Comprehensive and convenient, the 72HOURS Essential Kit comes with one Datrex 3600 Calorie Emergency Food Ration and twelve Datrex 125 ml Water rations to fulfill your basic dietary needs. Included in the 72HOURS Essential Kit targets the foundational components of emergency preparedness, ranging from warmth, first aid, light, shelter, and communication. 

Why the 72HOURS Essential Survival Kit?

The 72HOURS Essential Kit is an excellent building block for your emergency preparedness needs. Suitable for your home, car, or workplace, the 72HOURS Essential Kit is designed for being compact and portable so that you can be ready when disaster or emergencies arise.  

Keep the 72HOURS Essential Kit in an accessible location as your preferred emergency bag of choice. When a crisis occurs, there won't be much time to gather your supplies. With 72HOURS, you can be assured that you have the necessary survival tools and emergency supplies you will need to be prepared for 72HOURS or longer.