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9 Month Food Supply 2000 calories per day - 920 Pouches (Mountain House®)

9 Month Food Supply 2000 calories per day - 920 Pouches (Mountain House®)

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Mountain House® 9 Month Food Supply 2000 Calorie Pouches are particularly made for those looking for month's worth of gourmet tasting foods. The Mountain House® 9 Month Food Supply has got you covered for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner covered with 2000 CALORIES! for one person

Now you and your family can enjoy Mountain House® freeze-dried foods providing great quality and taste. Made simple, convenient and great tasting, save time with easy preparation with no cooking or other preparation necessary. Add water and wait 10 minutes...and eat! On-the-go pouches - No need for dishes or cookware. All the contents of a Mountain House® pouch are freeze dried to allow for a 30-year shelf life and excellent for emergencies!

What's included:

90 x Scrambled Eggs with Ham and Peppers
88 x Scrambled Eggs with Bacon

108  x Granola with Blueberries and Milk
90 x Breakfast Skillet

Lunch and Dinner
96 x Rice and Chicken
26 x Vegetable Beef Stew
60 x Chicken Teriyaki with Rice
66 x Lasagna with Meat Sauce
66 x Turkey Tetrazzini
74 x Pasta Primavera
96 x Macaroni and Cheese

30x Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (propak)

30 x Chili Mac and Beef (propak)

Shelf Life: 30 Years
Calories Per Day: 2000 calories
Total Calories for 1 Month: 533,155 calories

Total Pouches: 920 Pouches


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