ClickCease Esmarch Rubber Bandage, 7.6cm x 1.4m –
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Esmarch Rubber Bandage, 7.6cm x 1.4m


Esmarch Rubber Bandage

Esmarch Rubber Bandage, 7.6cm x 1.4m


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  • Lightweight, durable rubber bandage used to constrict blood flow
  • measurement: 7.6cm x 1.4m 


How/When to Use:

Compression can help soothe and heal many injuries including sprained or strained ligaments and tendons. Compression is to wrap an injured area of the body that provides a gentle pressure to the injured joints and soft tissue in place while it heals. The gentle compression also reduces swelling. Essentially, compression best addresses soft tissue injuries by following the "RICE" method

  • R - Rest: be sure to rest the area to prevent further injury
  • I - Ice: apply an ice pack for no more than 20 minutes at the time of the injury and repeat every 3-4 hours for 48 hours
  • C - Compression: elastic compression will stabilize the injured area, reduce swelling, and promote healing. Be sure not to wrap the bandage so tight that the area loses blood flow.
  • E - Elevation: elevating the injury, preferably above the heart will help reduce the swelling. 


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