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Eye Wash 30ml

Eye Wash 30ml

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Product Details

  • Cleanses the eye and helps relieve irritated eyes
  • Ready to use solution for eye irrigation
  • Bottles are portable and readily available for use
  • Ideal for minor eye irritations caused by exposure to chlorinated water, foreign materials, dust, smog, smoke, pollen, wind, and other air pollutants.
  • Contains 1.9% w/v boric acid

How/When to Use:

Eye wash is ready to use solution that helps cleanse irritated eyes by rinsing foreign particles that may be caught in the eye. Eye wash can be directly applied to affected area to remove particles or the usage of a plastic eye bath for higher efficiency. Fill plastic eye bath 1/2 full. Bend head forward and holding the bath by its base, place over your eye tight enough to create a tight seal. While eye is opened, slowly tilt head backwards until wash flows into it. Gently rock side to side for 30 seconds and remove when finished. 

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