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Can of Daily Bread® Freeze-Dried Cooked Seaasoned Beef

Freeze-Dried Cooked Seasoned Beef- Daily Bread®

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Product Details

Bringing quality premium beef cuts, Daily Bread® freeze-dried cooked seasoned beef is the tasty protein booster you need in your meal. With already being cooked and seasoned, it packs a flavorful punch and is super convenient that rehydrates within minutes.

  • Contains in one #10 can
  • Excellent source of protein
  • 20 servings per can
  • Prepared in 10-15 minutes and only requires water
  • 25-year shelf-life

Freeze-dried cooked seasoned beef is a great tasting side option that is ideal for emergency preparedness, long-term emergency food storage, camping, or for a quick meal.

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