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WCB Basic First Aid Kit - Ready First Aid

WCB Basic First Aid Kit - Ready First Aid

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These items must be kept clean and dry and must be ready to take to the scene of an accident.

This kit complies with all the requirements of WorkSafe BC ( British Columbia, Canada).

The contents/quantities in the kit meet and exceed Worksafe BC regulations.

 Quantity Content
12 Antiseptic Towelette
30 Instant Hand Sanitizer
50 Sterile Adhesive Bandage (Assorted)
6 10.2cm x 10.2cm Sterile Gauze Pad
2 11.4cm x 15.2cm Sterile Pressure Bandage with Crepe Ties
4 102cm x 102cm x 142cm Triangular Bandage with Pin
2 Safety Pin
1 18cm Universal Scissors
1 14cm Stainless Steel Splinter Forceps
6 Cotton Tip Applicators
1 2.5cm x 4.5m Adhesive Tape
1 Crepe Roller Bandage
1 Pocket Mask with Hard Case
6 Blue Nitrile Gloves (non-latex)
1 Pocket First Aid Guide
1 Pencil
1 Reflective Water-Resistant First Aid Bag


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