Canada Advises Youths Not To Get Overwhelmed By Covid19

Canada Advises Youths Not To Get Overwhelmed By Covid 19

Canada has relaxed her communal health curtailment as the spread of the new coronavirus reduced.  Having stayed indoors for a prolonged period, a lot of youths are going out again to socialize in places like restaurants, bars, and including personal parties where the virus can be spread with the greatest of ease.  As said by Theresa Tam the Chief Health Officer, in the past fortnight, the increase in the Coronavirus cases has been found to fall mostly within the ages of 20 and 39 years with nearly one-third of the youths having to be admitted into hospitals.

Canada announces 7 new Covid19 deaths as cases spill over 113,000

Canadian functionaries on Friday advised youths to be safety aware and be cautious as they attend social events after prolonged stay indoors.

According to Theresa Tam, in early May new infection cases spiked to 1,800 weekly and later crashed in early July, to 273. She went on to express her fears saying at a press meet that; “The upward trend in daily case counts is worrisome,” She went on to advise youths saying; “I must urge all Canadians, particularly younger adults, to not give into COVID-19 fatigue.”

Canada announces 7 new Covid19 deaths as cases spill over 113,000

Canada had announced 112,672 as of the whole number of cases, with a high of 432 from the previous day and 8,874 deaths.  The Health Minister, Patty Hadju also had this to say at the press meet; "Young people must understand that they are not bulletproof, as much as we might feel that way when we are in our 20s and 30s."

Theresa Tam further communicated her concerns saying, “The Canadian population remains highly susceptible to the virus, and if we let our guard down, the disease will work its way to our parents and our grandparents and other vulnerable people who need to be protected through our actions.”

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