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      Emergency Food: Instant Nutrition for Life's Unpredictable Moments

      In the face of uncertainty, being well-prepared is your essential safeguard. Since 2012, 72HRS has been a trusted provider of emergency food kits to Canadians, offering rapid, nourishing solutions in times of need. Featuring a complete range from top brands like Mountain House, 72HRS, and Readywise, we ensure access to superior quality food ready to consume with minimal preparation. Proudly shipped directly from Canada, we're here to equip you for any emergency.

      A Decade of Trust and Reliability

      Over the years, 72HRS has become a trusted ally not only to all levels of government, First Nations groups, schools, and hospitals but also to families across the nation. In times of vulnerability, these crucial institutions and households alike turn to us for emergency food solutions that offer security and peace of mind. Our commitment to excellence and reliability has fostered long-standing relationships with these essential members of the community, solidifying our role as a protective resource in times of need.

      Flexible Meal Solutions Spanning All Food Groups

      Our kits provide an all-inclusive approach to emergency readiness, encompassing all food groups from robust meals to fruits, vegetables, and proteins, ensuring your nutrition is balanced and comprehensive. Whether you need a quick snack or a full meal, our selections are poised to sustain you through any scenario.

      Tailored Nutritional Packages for Every Emergency Scenario

      At 72HRS, we appreciate the diversity of emergency situations and the distinct nutritional requirements they entail. This is why we offer customizable emergency food solutions. By specifying your needs, we can assemble a personalized package, ensuring your kit is as individual as your dietary needs.

      Seamless Preparation for Stress-Free Meals

      Experience the ease of our food selections — quickly consume our ready-to-eat MREs and food rations, or add hot water to our freeze-dried meals for a swift, delicious dish. For those who prefer traditional methods, we also offer options that can be simply boiled to cook.

      Your Trusted Partner in Emergency Preparedness

      • All Food Groups Covered: Our kits ensure a balanced, well-rounded diet with a variety of food groups.
      • Easy-to-Prepare: Designed for stress-free preparation, whether you need an instant meal, add-water options, or boil-to-cook foods.
      • Complete Brand Selection: With a full spectrum of the finest brands, you can trust the quality of your emergency food supply.

      Customized Emergency Food Packages Tailored to Your Specific Needs

      Whether you're preparing for a family, a corporation, or a government agency, 72HRS is equipped to create customized emergency food packages that cater to a variety of needs and preferences. With our expertise, we'll provide tailored food supplies that align with your specific dietary requirements, caloric necessities, and logistical constraints. Let us help you be ready for anything, anytime.

      Ready to Tailor Your Emergency Food Solution?

      Join the many institutions and individuals who rely on 72HRS for their emergency preparedness needs. Explore our offerings and reach out to customize your order to your exact specifications. Complete our straightforward form detailing your requirements, and our dedicated specialists will take care of the rest, ensuring you're well-equipped for any emergency situation.