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3 Month Breakfast and Entree Assortment Meal Bucket (Mountain House®)

3 Month Breakfast and Entree Assortment Meal Bucket (Mountain House®)

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The 3 Month Breakfast and Entree Assortment Meal Bucket (Mountain House®) has got you covered for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner covered. Made simple, convenient and great tasting, save time with easy preparation with no cooking or other preparation necessary

Perfect Package for:
1 Person - 3 meals a day for 180 days
2 people - 3 meals a day for 90 days

4 people - 3 meals a day for 45 days 


Includes 24 total buckets

Lock-in stacking buckets for compact and secure storage without the need of shelving
Grab-and-go handles for easy transport in an emergency
5-10 minute preparation time per pouch
No cooking needed — just add water!

30-year shelf-life!


What's Included: Click on Link for Product Details


[36 pouches] Scrambled Eggs With Ham, Red and Green Peppers - One Serving (Mountain House®)
Oeufs brouillés avec jambon et poivrons rouges et verts 
[36 pouches] Scrambled Eggs With Bacon - One Serving (Mountain House®)
Ouefs brouillés avec bacon
[36 pouches] Granola with Milk and Blueberries - One Serving (Mountain House®)
Granola avec lait et bleuets
[18 pouches] Breakfast Skillet- Two Serving (Mountain House®)
Poèle à déjeuner 
[18 pouches] Biscuits and Gravy - Two Serving (Mountain House®)

Biscuits et sauce brune



[30 pouches] Rice and Chicken - Two Serving (Mountain House®)
Riz et poulet
[15 pouches] Beef Stew - Two Serving (Mountain House®)
Ragout et boeuf
[15 pouches] Chicken Teriyaki With Rice - Two Serving (Mountain House®)
Poulet teriyaki avec riz
[15 pouches] Lasagna With Meat Sauce - Two Serving (Mountain House®)
Lasagnes avec sauce à la viande
[30 pouches] Pasta Primavera - Two Serving (Mountain House®)
Pàtes primavera 
[15 pouches] Mac and Cheese - Two Serving (Mountain House®)
Macaronis et produit de fromàge 
[30 pouches] Spaghetti with Meat Sauce - Two Serving (Mountain House®)
Spaghetti avec sauce à la viande 

[15 pouches] Chili Mac with Beef - Two Serving (Mountain House®)
Chili macaroni avec du boeuf
[15 pouches
] Sweet & Sour Pork with Rice - Two Serving (Mountain House®)
Porc aigre - Doux avec riz


Total Servings: 540
Total Pouches: 324

Total Calories: 184 830

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