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      What are Vinyl Gloves?

      Vinyl medical examination gloves are onetime use gloves that provide the first layer of defence for healthcare professionals and the patients that they are handling. They are intended to be used with other personal protective equipment (PPE) that is mandated by the Government of Canada and public health agencies to prevent the spread of disease and infection.

      Vinyl gloves are a popular choice for first aid training, the food industry, and situations where you may come in contact with germs and bacteria. They are synthetic and non-biodegradable, allowing them to have a longer shelf life than latex gloves.

      Vinyl gloves are often made from synthetic materials composed of polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers and are latex-free making them perfect for people who have latex allergies. Vinyl gloves are a cheaper option when purchasing gloves on the market and provide a physical barrier from viruses and disease.

      These gloves are inexpensive and are multi-purpose use for a number of different tasks and activities where high precision is not required. Vinyl gloves have a looser fit compared to latex gloves and are often more comfortable to wear.


      Medical Vinyl Examination Gloves

      Medical vinyl Examination gloves are all-purpose gloves that can also be used during medical procedures and examinations to prevent the spread of and transmission of disease. These gloves act as a physical barrier for the health care worker and decrease the chance of contamination. These gloves can also be sterile or non-sterile

      Medical vinyl gloves are classified as Class II devices and about 43% of medical devices fall under this classification. Manufacturers must obtain a medical device licence from Health Canada in order to import or sell a Class II medical device.

      The Canadian standard for gloves is in compliance with ISO 11193-1 or ASTM D3578 depending on the material used. Gloves also meet the required standard if they are EN 455 compliant. Medical gloves should following one of the three standards listed according to the Government of Canada.


      ISO 11193-1

      This is the standard that Canada uses in regards to their examination gloves. These gloves are single-use and are made from rubber latex or rubber solutions. This standard covers freedom of holes, dimensions, and physical property specifications.


      ASTM D3578

      This is the USA standard for examination gloves. This standard is specifically for gloves made from rubber. This standard covers freedom of holes, dimensions, physical properties, protein leaching, powder residue, and powder amount specifications.


      EN 455

      This standard is the European standard for examination gloves. This standard covers durability, physical property, biological evaluation, and shelf-life determination. Other specifications include freedom of holes, dimensions, protein leaching, and powder residue.


      Non-Medical Vinyl Glove

      Compared to medical vinyl gloves, non-medical gloves are not intended for medical use. Non-medical are intended for everyday use such as restaurants, customer service, grocery stores, garages, and gas stations. Non-medical vinyl gloves should clearly state that they are for industrial use only, not for medical use, or not a medical device. Please ensure to check with the specifications and documentation before use to ensure you have the right type of vinyl gloves.


      Health Canada

      According to Health Canada, all medical gloves are classified as Class II medical devices. This means that the gloves must meet design, testing, and manufacturing standards set forth by Health Canada. To be able to import and distribute licensed medical gloves in Canada, companies must obtain a medical device establishment licence (MDEL). Retailers, health care facilities, manufacturers that have a medical device licence (MDL), and manufacturers that have interim order (IO) authorization are exempt from this.


      Ready First AidTM Powder Free Vinyl Examination Gloves

      The Ready First Aid™ vinyl examination gloves are powder-free and come in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. These are non-sterile medical examination gloves that are perfect to use in a number of different situations. The Ready First Aid™ Powder Free Vinyl Examination Gloves are Health Canada approved and can be used for medical examinations. The gloves are also ambidextrous and are single use only. When disposing of, please follow your local health authority regulations and rules. Each box comes packaged with 100 gloves, providing 50 pairs of high-quality vinyl gloves whenever you need them.