Camping Cot

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      Your Trusted Outdoor Sleeping Solution

      Discover the ultimate outdoor bed with our 72HRS Portable Camping Cots, trusted by North Shore Rescue and the Canadian Military. These cots unfold directly from the box—ready for immediate use with no setup required.

      Durable and Reliable

      Built to withstand diverse environments, from emergency centers to rugged camping sites. Each cot supports up to 330 lbs and comes in gray, navy, or green, equipped with a pillow, carry bag, and side organizer.

      Superior Cot Comfort for the Outdoors

      Our cots are designed to provide superior comfort and support in any outdoor environment. With the addition of our emergency blankets, create an exceptionally cozy and warm sleeping setup that enhances your outdoor adventures, ensuring restful nights no matter where you are. Ensure restful nights no matter where you are by exploring our full range of shelter supplies.