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      Face masks, when worn properly, can have a significant impact on reducing the spread of germs and bacteria. When worn correctly, a person wearing a non-medical mask can reduce the spread of his or her own respiratory fluids or droplets. The use of a cloth mask, disposable masks, or other face-covering can significantly reduce the rate of bacteria and viruses from spreading. The use of these face covers has been recommended by the health agency of Canada and can reduce the chance of contracting harmful germs and viruses for yourself and the people around you.

      As stated on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, “cloth face covering may help prevent people who have COVID-19 from spreading the virus to others”. Wearing a cloth face mask can help protect yourself and the people around you. This includes protecting people who come in contact with others frequently and people who are at a higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19. The spread of COVID-19 can be reduced through the combined efforts of wearing a mask, social distancing, proper sanitation, and frequent disinfection of touchable surfaces and areas.

      Face covering provides an easy and effective way to decrease the spread of germs and bacteria. Face Masks are typically made from cloth material making them re-washable and reusable. These masks include disposable face masks, sports masks, reusable face masks, and fashion face masks.

      72Hours carries a wide range of disposable facemasks including 3-PLY Adult Face Mask, 3-PLY disposable Kids Face Mask, as well as ASTM Level 1 and Level 3 masks.

      72Hours Reusable Face Masks

      Reusable Face covering provides an additional layer of protection from dust and air particles. Reusable Face masks Canada can help decrease your exposure to viruses and bacteria and can decrease cross-contamination from the air. Our cotton face masks are 95% cotton 5% Spandex and are comfortable and soft for the wearer. A filter pocket is incorporated into the design to your to add additional layers of protection. The masks also have a nose wire and come in both adult and kids sizes.

      Reusable and washable, these masks provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional disposable masks. They are also easy to use and convenient to carry. Reusable Face Mask can be used in a number of public places including, malls, businesses, community centers, offices, and public transportation services.


      The 72Hours Reusable Face Masks come in two different sizes, Medium and Large:

      • Medium - 30.0 (L) x 13.0 (W) CM
      • Large - 40.0 (L) x 14.0 (W) CM


      1. Wash your hands before wearing the mask.
      2. Take the mask out of the packaging.
      3. Identify the upper and lower side of the mask and open up the mask.
      4. Extend the ear loop around your left and right ears to secure the mask in place.
      5. Press around the edge of the mask to mould it to your face.


      • This mask is not intended for medical use. Do not use these masks in places with harmful powder or gas.
      • Wash and air out the masks before using the mask for the first time. Hand wash the mask with cold water and hang dry. Never wash with acid or alkali detergent as it can damage the mask.
      • Stop using the mask if you feel irritated, nauseous, and if you experience any discomfort.
      • Keep out of reach from children and store away from light.
      • Do not touch your face, nose, or mouth when removing the mask.
      • The mask may fog up the wearer’s glasses when in use. Be careful when driving or moving around.