Sports Tape and Athletic Tape, Factory Direct from

    Our sports and athletic tape comes or white, and provides strong support and protection, whether on the field, track, or court. Quality and affordability? We've got you covered.

    Our factory direct model means you get top-of-the-line sports and athletic tape, without the middleman markup. We also offer bulk discounts.

    We also offer quick Prime delivery through our Amazon store.

    One Tape, Multiple Applications

    Our sports and athletic tape is strong and durable. With the perfect blend of grip and flexibility, this single tape type is all you need to protect your knees, ankles, shoulders, wrists, and fingers.

    Our Tape Is:

    • easy to handle
    • tearable
    • high-quality adhesive
    • strong adhesive support
    • provides support to minimize the risk of injury.

    Athletic and Sports Tape Uses

    Knee Support: When it comes to sports tape for knees, ours brings unmatched support. It's a hockey player's best defense and a skier's trusty companion.

    Ankle Protection: Step out confidently with our athletic tape reinforcing your ankles. It's a shield against common injuries and a helper in speeding up recovery.

    Wrist and Finger Safety: From lifting weights to high-impact sports, our tape is here to safeguard your wrists and fingers, reducing the risk of strains and sprains.

    Shoulder Support: Our athletic tape has your shoulders covered too. It's ideal for preventing injuries and assisting in recovery, keeping you in the game longer.

    When you choose, you're not just getting a product – you're getting a promise. Every roll of athletic tape undergoes rigorous quality checks before it leaves our facility, ensuring that you receive only the best.