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      Pepper Spray Legality in Canada

      In Canada, using pepper spray designed to injure, immobilize, or otherwise incapacitate any person is strictly illegal. The Criminal Code prohibits weapons that release tear gas, mace, or other harmful gases. It also prohibits devices that release liquids, sprays, powders, or substances meant to harm or immobilize. Carrying pepper spray for self-defense against people is not only against the law, but also comes with serious legal penalties.

      Legally Carrying Dog Spray and Protector Spray

      In Canada, pepper spray is not allowed for use on people. However, dog spray and protector spray are legal and commonly used for protection against animals. Companies like SABRE create products such as the Protector Dog Spray. They must follow strict regulations in the US and Canada. These regulations are set by the EPA and Health Canada. They ensure that the products meet guidelines for pest control products. They are designed as attack deterrent sprays, intended to provide a humane way to protect oneself from aggressive animals without causing long-term harm. Learn more: Is Pepper Spray Legal Or Illegal In Canada?

      SABRE Protector Dog Spray Offered at offers SABRE Protector Dog Spray as part of its comprehensive range of safety supplies, providing a legal alternative for those needing protection against aggressive animals., a legal alternative for those needing protection against aggressive animals. These sprays are available with a key ring and hard case or an adjustable running hand strap, making them easy to carry and ready for immediate use. With a discharge that can reach 12-15 feet, these sprays ensure safety and compliance with Canadian law regarding the legal possession and use of dog spray.

      Safety, Compliance, and Use

      These protector sprays are designed not just to repel animals but to do so in a way that aligns with legal standards, ensuring that users can legally carry pepper spray when intended for animal defense. The sprays contain a potent liquid spray powder formula with 1.0% Major Capsaicinoids, ensuring effective immobilization of the threat without crossing into illegal use.

      Responsible Usage

      Users are encouraged to understand the distinction between illegal pepper spray possession for use on persons and the legal use of dog spray for animal deterrence in Canada. By choosing SABRE Protector Dog Spray, customers ensure they remain within the bounds of Canadian law while effectively protecting themselves and their loved ones.