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      Hand sanitizers are a great alternative when traditional soap and water are not available. Compact and convenient, hand sanitizer can be used in any situation. Hand sanitizers are used to decrease and even kill bad germs and bacteria, decreasing your chances of getting sick. Hand sanitizer consists of an alcohol-based formula that helps kill germs.

      Promoting good and consistent handwashing habits is important in decreasing your chances of getting sick. By creating a good habit of cleaning and washing your hands, you can decrease the chance of the spread of germs and bacteria. This, in turn, will keep you and everyone around you safe.

      72Hours carried a wide range of hand sanitizer options including hand sanitizer dispensers and soap dispensers.

      72Hours Hand Sanitizer Collection:

      A lot of the hand sanitizer on our website are locally manufactured, proudly made in CANADA.

      The Canadian brands include:

      • gelFAST
      • Herbal Glo
      • KWIKY/maxill
      • Restructured Water Solutions – RWS


      gelFAST 2GO provide a convenient carrying option for hand sanitizer on the go. Designed with a durable built-in clip, the gelFAST 2GO allows you to hook it on your backpack, purse, duffle bag, keychain, etc. Meeting FDA, Health Canada, and TGA guidelines, gelFAST has 70% ethyl alcohol as the active ingredient, killing 99.9% of germs on contact.

      Herbal Glo

      Created with a fresh lemongrass scent, the Herbal Glo Hand Sanitizer Spray provides an effective and nicely scented option in killing bacteria. These sprays consist of 80% ethyl alcohol (ethanol) with a Natural Product Number (NPN): 80097628.

      Other ingredients include Water, Glycerin, Aloe Juice, Vitamin E, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Tea Tree Leaf Oil, Witch Hazel Flower Water, and Hydrogen Peroxide.


      Made with Isopropyl Alcohol 70% or Ethanol 70%, KWIKY Hand Sanitizer kills harmful bacteria and germs. Proudly made in Canada, KWIKY Hand Sanitizer comes in portable squeeze tubes and squeeze bottles. Each tube and bottle are individually seal to ensure sanitation and promote hygiene.

      Restructured Water Solution – RWS (Sanitizer)

      Made with Electrical Chemical Activation (ECA) technology, RWS Sanitizer Spray can be used in a number of different settings. The RWS Sanitizer Spray is effective in eliminating all forms of micro-organisms in water supplies, on work surfaces, and other surfaces. It is effective against all bacteria, viruses, cysts, protozoa, algae, and spores.

      • Composition/Ingredient
        • 99.500% Water
        • 0.450% Sodium Chloride
        • 0.004% other
        • 0.046% Oxidizer as hypochlorous acid/sodium hypochlorite

      This product is Health Canada approved with its designated Drug Identification Number (DIN) 02362546.

      • Active Ingredient:
        • Hypochlorous Acid 0.018%
        • Contains 200 ppm Free Available Chlorine (FAC)

      Hand Sanitizer Dispenser / Soap Dispenser

      The Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser provides a touch-free and clean way to sanitize your hands. The touchless hand sanitizer dispenser has a capacity of 1 L (1000 ml) and is compatible with both gel and liquid hand sanitizer solution. A hand sanitizer dispenser wall mount is also included. The hand sanitizer wall mount provides height adjustability, allowing you to place the dispenser at the perfect height.

      This device can also be used as a soap dispenser, providing a multitude of different applications situations.