Mylar Foil Bags and O2 Absorbers

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      All of 72HOURS mylar bags are 5mil thick. Preparing for an emergency or a disaster requires careful preparation and planning. Ensure you and your family have access to food supplies is a vital component of any emergency kit. Long-term food storage is a feasible way to preserve your food supplies to ready you and your family for any disaster or emergency.  

      Mylar bags provide an efficient and effective way to preserve long-term food products. Mylar bags are ideal for long-term food storage because they offer protection and storage for any food product by blocking out light while reducing the amount of oxygen and moisture that can enter the bag over time.  

      In its basic form, mylar is a clear material made from polyester resin. Mylar contains many desirable properties for emergency long-term food storage such as gas and moisture resistance, chemical stability, and high tensile strength.  



      Mylar Bag Info Sheet (PDF File)

      Benefits of Using Mylar Bags

      1) Oxygen Protection

      Regular plastic bags and Ziploc plastic bags in seeps oxygen back into food products and does not provide any light protection compared to Mylar Bags. Oxygen and sunlight can cause discolouration, loss of taste, compromise product freshness and allow insects to breed. Mylar Bags provides an effective oxygen barrier to help preserve your food longer while maintaining its freshness. The thicker the Mylar Bag, the lower the oxygen transmission rate.

      2) Light Protection

      Some types of food are more sensitive to light. When exposed to light, the temperature of the product can increase. Oil based products such as nuts, biscuits, crisps, and chocolate will be more vulnerable to rancidity and discolouration. Mylar Bags that are 4.0 and above can completely block out light. By keeping light out, the product can stay cooler and reduce the risk of rancidity.

      3) Odour

      Most foods absorb odour, which affects the taste of food products and the viability of your food storage. Plastic and paper absorb odour which can affect the quality of your food storage. Mylar bags are laminated to aluminum which creates an oxygen barrier that prevents contamination against odour and gases.

      4) Moisture Protection

      Moisture can destroy your food when in storage. Dampness created by moisture can cause mould, fungus, insects, and bacteria to thrive and negatively affect your food.

      Mylar Bags are laminated in several layers with aluminum foil and are waterproof. Food stored in a properly sealed Mylar Bag would remain completely dry from any external water sources.


      Benefits of Using Oxygen Absorbers (O2 Absorbers)

      Oxygen can be detrimental to food because it oxidizes complex fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Oxygen supports the growth of microorganisms and causes discolouration and rancid odours to occur in packaged foods. Oxygen absorbers are an essential component of any long-term food storage plan because they will continue to protect your goods throughout the time your food is stored. Oxygen absorbers work in a two-step process by eliminating the initial amount of oxygen in your mylar foil bag while continuing to keep oxygen levels below 0.1% during the time that your food is stored. Oxygen absorbers effectively reduce the aerobic environment thereby preventing aerobic bacteria and fungi from growing. Using oxygen absorbers can drastically extend the life of your food products.  

      Oxygen Absorbers available at 72HOURS:

      300cc Oxygen Absorbers (Pack of 10) which are best used for 1 quart, 1/2 gallon and 1 gallon mylars bags with or without ziplock

      2000cc Oxygen Absorbes (Pack of 10) is best suited for 1 gallon, 2 gallon mylar bag with or without ziplock and 5 gallon mylar bag.

      How to Use Mylar Bags and Oxygen Absorbers

      1. Place the remaining oxygen absorbers in a mason jar for temporary safe-keeping.

      2. Place the appropriate number of absorbers on top of your food. You can place them anywhere in the mylar bag. Make sure to avoid overfilling the bag and only seal the top inch of your bag. This will allow extra space for you to re-seal the bag back up again if you need to open the bag to remove any food. Just remember to add a fresh oxygen absorber before re-sealing.

      Note: Depending on the food you are storing, when using a 1-gallon mylar bag, you may need to use 1 to 2 x 300 cc oxygen absorbers or 1 x 2000cc oxygen absorbers

      3. You can seal the mylar bags by using a cloth iron or a hair straightener on high setting if you do not have a hot jaw sealer.  Test the seal to make sure you are able to properly seal the mylar bag with the correct temperature setting on a smaller bag or scrap of a left-over bag. Before sealing completely, push out as much residual air from the mylar bag. Seal the remaining portion of the bag up

      Note: Oxygen absorbers only remove oxygen, which is roughly 20% of the air inside the bag. 

      4. Label and store. Ensure that all your mylar bags are properly labelled with the contents and expiry date.