Booster Cables

Cable Type
Length (ft/m)
Ideal For
Winter Suitability
Best Use
10 AWG 12 ft / 3.66 m Compact Cars Good in Winter Quick Starts Sturdy for Small
City Driving Not for Big Cars
6 AWG 16 ft/ 4.88 m &
12 ft / 3.66 m
SUV’s Sedans Versatile for Snow Flexible Reliable in Cold Diverse Uses Bulky at Longer
4 AWG 20 ft/ 6.1 m Trucks, SUVs Strong for Big
Long Reach Powers Large
0 AWG 25 ft/ 7.62 m Semis, Heavy
Excellent for Large
High Power Endures Extreme
Heavy-Duty Use Higher Cost

*Larger cables offer safer, more versatile power handling for various vehicles

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      *When unsure, choose the bigger size. It's often safer and more useful.

      Key Points:

      1. Safety: Bigger cables handle more power safely.
      2. Flexibility: They work for more types of vehicles.
      3. Future Use: Still good if you get a bigger car later.

      Prepare for winter's toughest challenges with's range of booster cables. Made with thick copper strands, these cables are crafted to provide dependable performance in the harsh Canadian winter. Suitable for a variety of vehicles, they’re your go-to solution for reliable starts in cold weather.

      The Direct-to-Consumer Advantage:

      • Built for Canadian Winters: Our cables, with their heavy-duty copper construction, ensure effective conductivity and durability in extreme cold.
      • Tailored Recommendations: We help you find the ideal booster cable for your vehicle type, ensuring optimal performance during winter months as well as hot summer months.

      Our Specialized Booster Cable Range:

      • 10 AWG - 12 ft: Best for compact cars and motorcycles, these cables offer quick and easy starts in urban winter conditions.
      • 6 AWG - 16 ft: Ideal for SUVs and light marine vehicles, the extra length provides flexibility for use in snow or limited space scenarios.
      • 6 AWG - 12 ft: Perfect for sedans and mid-size vehicles, offering efficient power transfer in a compact, easy-to-store design for everyday winter use.
      • 4 AWG - 20 ft: Designed for larger vehicles like trucks and SUVs, these cables provide the reach and power needed in snowy environments.
      • 0 AWG - 25 ft: The top choice for heavy-duty vehicles, these cables deliver unmatched performance for industrial and large trucks in the coldest months.

      Ready for Winter: Our booster cables are in stock and ship from Canada, ensuring you're well-equipped for winter driving.

      Commitment to Quality: At, we pride ourselves on offering products that meet the highest standards, ensuring your safety and satisfaction.

      Get ahead of winter with the best booster cables in Canada. Visit now to find the perfect match for your vehicle and confidently face the Canadian winter.