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Lasagna with Meat Sauce #10 can Package (Mountain House®)

Lasagna with Meat Sauce #10 can Package (Mountain House®)

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30-Year Shelf Life

A favorite Italian-style entrée that's perfect for a quick meal. Made with pasta and cheese in a rich tomato meat sauce. And with our proven 30 year Taste Guarantee, it's perfect for your emergency preparedness kit.

Amount of boiling water needed to prepare:
8 cups for entire can

3/4 cup to 1 1/4 cup dry mix for single serving

No cooking needed — just add water!
Just add hot water to meals, let stand up to 10 minutes

30-year shelf life

[6] Lasagna with Meat Sauce #10 cans
Total Servings: 60

Total Calories: 14 400


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