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Emergency Food Rations

72HOURS carries the largest selection of Emergency Rations in Canada at the best prices. Always in stock and ready to ship!

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Freeze Dried Meals and Dehydrated Meals

We offer freeze-dried/dehydrated meals from Mountain House and ReadyWise. Check out the pouches, #10 cans, and packages we have to offer.

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MRES - Meals Ready to Eat

Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) or Ration Packs are special meals ideal for many different situations. MRE meals can be eaten cold, straight from the package, or warmed up before eaten.

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Freeze Dried Meats

72HOURS sells a large selection of high-quality freeze dried meats that are suitable for your emergency preparedness plans or for everyday outdoor adventures.

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Freeze Dried Fruits

Fruits are an essential part of
any diet with vitamins and minerals found in them. Tasty and vital, fruits are great for any emergency preparedness plan.

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Freeze Dried Vegetables

Freeze Dried Vegetables are an
essential part of any preparedness plan. We carry a large amount of freeze dried vegetables for camping, emergencies and survival situations.

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Gluten Free Emergency Rations

Keep your furry friends safe and protected with a 72 HRS pet emergency kit. Be ready for any injury or emergency situation with 72 HRS pet supplies.

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