Covid Mask Pre-Caution: 2 or 3-layered mask recommended

Coronavirus mask pre-caution: Research recommends a two or three-layered nose mask to defend against the virus.

3-PLY Face Mask

According to a video research issued online in the publication; Thorax, homespun cloth nose masks probably need at least two layers or ideally three, to avert the spread of viral trickle from the nose and mouth.  Viral trickles are produced when speaking, sneezing or coughing; and nose masks are believed to safeguard persons in good state of health from breathing in infectious trickles and also decrease the spread from infected

persons.  However global scarcity of individual preventative apparatus during the pandemic has caused the health bureau, like the US Center for Disease Control, to authorize the use of homespun cloth nose masks as a substitute for surgical nose masks.

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The recommendation of various material types being advised for these is not based on any concrete proof of their efficacy.  Australian scientists went on to conduct a test on the efficacy of single and double-layer cloth nose mask with a three-layer surgical nose mask.  The nose mask with a single layer was made from a cotton T-shirt that was folded; whilst the double-layer nose mask was sewn following the directive of the CDC.

The scientists made use of a customized LED lighting technique and a fast-moving camera to shoot the spread of trickles in the air brought forth by an individual in a good state of health without any breathing contamination, whilst sneezing, coughing and speaking wearing each variety of nose masks.

The videotape displayed that the 3 layered surgical nose mask was the most effectual at lowering the spread of the trickle in the air even though the single-layered nose mask also decreased the spread of the trickle in the air while speaking too.  However, the double-layered nose mask was more superior than the single-layered in lowering the trickles spread from sneezing and coughing, as shown by the video recording.   According to the scientists, this is a singular case; hence, there are other numerous elements that assist in the efficacy of cloth nose masks.  These comprise of the kind of style, material, and how well it fits, along with pristine care of the nose mask through constant washing.



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