Supporting Local Business During A Pandemic.

Supporting Local Business During A Pandemic.

Team Work and Brainstorming


Neighborhood or district commerce or trade is the nucleus of every society.  The barbing salon, the restaurant, the gift shops, the coffee shops in our local areas are crucial to the day-to-day living of everyone in the community; however, there is no disputing the impact that COVID-19 has had on these businesses.


All these businesses have had to face these impacts head-on due to the measures being put in place to forestall continuous transmission of the virus; low patronage due to the lockdown which in turn translates to other internal challenges like inability to pay salaries; being faced with the option to down-size etc.


This eventuality points us to only one thing; the importance of these small businesses in our day-to-day living; their survival and their importance to our daily living.  Despite the effects of the pandemic, it is pertinent to support these businesses so they don't fizzle out; these businesses keep us together as a community. If these businesses fold up due to the negative impact of COVID-19, the unity it brings within the society is shattered.


These businesses have been there for ages serving the community before the advent of COVID-19 hence, it is only proper for the community at this challenging time to support these small businesses to stay afloat so they can keep serving us and keep the communal bond alive and kicking!


Sense of community

Visualize your local district without any of the small businesses that make it tick, that gives it the aura you are used to; that atmosphere that singles it out from other localities; immediately, it seems the 'essence' of the vicinity is lost.  Small businesses form the nature and originality of a community.  Local districts enjoy the advantage of small businesses in numerous tangible ways; hence, it can be said that small businesses are the pillars of the local districts.

Small local businesses; mirror the identity of the local district wherein they are located; from retail shops to professional services.   Guests or tourists can immediately get a feel of the aura of a local district by strolling or window shopping through the commercial hub of the local district.   Owners of small businesses work and live in their local districts; this develops in them a sense of responsibility, community, and pride towards their local district as contributing positively towards its economic growth.

Small businesses have substantial communal reverberations than many perceive; meaning that a local district of small businesses can have an immensely positive effect on the local economy.   


Supporting one another during this tough time

The upsurge of COVID-19 has harmed many families and establishments globally. It has also brought about unforeseen hardship for many of our local businesses, which are especially essential and distinctive to our separate local districts.  Sadly, the eventuality of the pandemic has resulted in some businesses having to shut down temporarily while numerous others have had to look inwards to substitute their internal functions absolutely to adapt to new ways that are COVID-19 compliant.  At a time like this, feeling helpless or inadequate could be overwhelming; however, some things can be done to encourage our local businesses.  


Be Considerate

The times are extraordinary; some businesses have either had to shut down temporarily or are faced with the difficult resolution to do so for protection. It is important to be considerate at this time. Understand that businesses differ in structure and approach hence each will adopt what works for them, and so make effort to encourage them in any feasible way.


Stay At Home

Peradventure you are unwell; by staying at home you will be doing a great service to businesses in your local district by being considerate about the health and safety of their employees.


Online Shopping

Online procurement of goods and services is a fantastic way to encourage small businesses without leaving your home as many small local businesses have had to create other means ensuring the running of their business; via email, Be website,  social media handles, or a phone call.


Buy Local

Be intentional in ensuring you buy from your locality to support small business owners.  This is one of the ways you can support the businesses in your local district.  


Plan Your Order

Make your business dealings simple and straight forward by making your order ahead of time. This will reduce the risk of exposing yourself and also that of every other person.


Order Delivery

For instance, many restaurants have come up with new and impressive methods of operations to ensure continuous service during this challenging time; like the option of delivery or even curbside pickup.


Purchase Gift Cards

Some businesses are closed for now; hence, what can be done to support such businesses is to procure a gift card now to make use of later. What this will do is to help increase their sales margin to reduce the space in the cash-flow for the period they were not open.


Write Good Reviews

Make an intentional effort to write at least three positive reviews of local businesses in your local district making use of their social media handles. This is a great way to show your support at these very challenging times.


Avoid Paying with Cash

Another straightforward way of showing your support to small businesses in your local district is to reduce the hazard of exposure to workers by making cashless transactions.  There are various ways to do this; making use of Google Pay Debit, Credit, and Apple Pay. These are ways to eradicate any form of contact. These methods of business transactions are safer and faster.




Use Social Media

Increase the awareness of local businesses in your local district by making remarks online, liking, sharing, and following them on social media.  This is a great way to show your support.


Generous Tip

Just in case you are having products delivered to your doorstep or making orders, you can give more tips than you would ordinarily as a way of helping small businesses in your local district through these tough times. You can add the tip to the total cost on your card.


Maintaining your Memberships

As not all businesses are allowed to open due to COVID-19; businesses like museums, indoor playgrounds for children, gymnasiums, etc. your membership also could have been placed on hold or suspended too.  Hence, you could consider reaching out to the business to arrange with them the possibility to keep your membership going over a few months. This is a significant way of giving your support to businesses in your local district because though the money in their re-opening procedures when the time comes.


Discount Benefit

In a bid to increase sales, numerous small businesses are giving discounts on their products and services to maintain patronage and relevance during this period.  You can support such businesses by making procurement than you normally would to help the business.  All over the country, small businesses have been impacted by COVID-19 by either having to lay off workers or shut down,  many are not sure of what the future holds for their businesses.  The effect of these changes and shutdowns in small businesses impacts on the local and national economy and also the lives and welfare of everyone.


Donate your time

At this time, you could decide to use your area of expertise that you know will be relevant to any small business in your local district.  For instance, helping to create their website or online presence; dedicating your free time to achieve such a feat is not wasted.


Be Innovative

There are numerous ways you could support or lend a helping hand to small businesses in your local district.  You can keep in touch with the business owners and workers, this will encourage them.  For instance, you could send a postcard or send messages online; your support will make a positive impact.   COVID-19 has impacted negatively on numerous businesses and lives, however the hardest hit are the small businesses.


Small Business is the Family Income

Owners of Small businesses mostly depend on the income of their business to fend for their family.  Meaning, the money made is what sustains them.  This is the reason it is pertinent to give our support to these businesses; they add so much value to our local districts.  Supporting a small business translates to you supporting a family or an individual's daily living.


Helping to keep the economy going

Right now amidst the COVID-19 pandemic upsurge, it is an uphill task trying to evaluate the long-term effects, most especially the long-term economic reverberations. So far though, the hardest hit has been the small businesses in our local districts. The pandemic has led to an unusual interference in trade in most businesses. The majority of companies are bedeviled with numerous short-term difficulties; cash flow, chain of supply, marketing, consumer demand, safety etc.


Nevertheless, succeeding in steering these difficulties does not assure a favorable future. This is because coming out from the pandemic brings us into a completely new world.  Numerous businesses would have changed form or seize to exist.  At the same time, online businesses have witnessed a multiplier effect in growth.


However, for small businesses to stay afloat in this present predicament certain things have to come into play; such as:


Effective Planning and Avoid Hasty Decisions

Decision making amidst catastrophe all around will not produce favorable results because many will mostly make mistakes in the pandemonium; the ability to make the right decisions is at the very lowest.


So, it is best not to rush decision-making in times of crisis.  Take your time, it is not advisable to be hasty in decision making regarding your business most especially at this time when COVID-19 has caused the highest rate of uncertainty in the world's economy at large.  You must be well informed before making decisions regarding your business to avoid any negative consequences.


So, it is only advisable that for now, you make plans for emergencies as regards your business and document. Divide your main goal into smaller achievable goals and concentrate on achieving a small goal at a time.


Practical  Accounting.

Make findings for innovative solutions and plans. In the bid to regenerate your business and maintain your cash flow there will be a need for some serious book-keeping just maybe your business can stay afloat in the post-pandemic era. Presently many businesses are experiencing stormy times. It is also very important that you are well informed about other types of public funding so you can benefit.


Evaluate the evolution in customer needs

Covid-19 pandemic has rocked the boat of the universe no doubt. Its emergence has brought about an un-envisaged impact on people and the environment at large.  Your long-term viability depends on understanding how their needs will be different when the pandemic is over.  The first thing to put into consideration is that evolution is taking place in the environment presently.  On a general note, people's lifestyle is going through 'silent' changes. So, to keep your customers, these changes have to be taken into cognizance; hence, the need to think of a way to continue to provide valuable service.  Brainstorm on the changes you will need to effect in your business in the post-pandemic world and involve your customers in the planning procedure. Most individuals might still be cautious about the dangers of infectious disease and decide that online transaction is best for them.  It is important to interact with your customers to find out the evolution that has taken place in their lives and how best your business can serve them with these changes.


Retain Dependable and Outstanding Staff

Your staff is a priceless asset in your business.  Losing your good hands amidst the pandemic will make your internal operations an uphill task. Although you needed to reduce work costs heavily during this crisis, you have to ensure you keep the line of rehiring your outstanding staff open for the post-COVID-19 era.  The point is to concentrate on the long term.


Peradventure you are faced with the tough decision of downsizing, it is advisable that make it a roundtable talk with your staff and also a temporary arrangement, not a permanent layoff. Involving your staff in this decision making makes it mutual with no hard feelings. However, make sure you concentrate on keeping your most valuable hands interested in the progress of your business.


Above all, at his time, as a business owner, there is a dire need to be compassionate more than ever. Despite the stormy times, your business might be passing through this is a cataclysmic time for workers too.  You cannot but strive to do your best to ensure everything their safe and show that you care. Your magnanimity at this time will go a long way to strengthen the bond between you and your workers.


How COVID-19 has affected the Plumbing Industry

The ripple effect of COVID-19 has impacted every strand of the economy, and the plumbing industry is not left out.   Like numerous service providers, plumbers operate with customers person-to-person.  They are out on the field going from house to house attending to their clients' needs for their service on different challenges.   Amidst the pandemic, the challenges with their kind of business are apparent.


The Need for Plumbing Is Prevalent

Plumbing is an "indispensable service." If any plumbing issues come up in your home, there will be a dire need for you to put a call through to them even at these times.  Water is essential for daily living, hence a proper and working pipe network is needed for this and it translates to the vital nature of their job.


Their Clients Nurse the Fear of Them Visiting their Homes

Their clients are nursing the fear of having them in their homes despite the magnitude of the plumbing issue due to the pandemic.


Busier Work Schedule During The Pandemic

COVID-19 has influenced the plumbing industry in enthralling ways. There has been a high turn around rate in the call for their services at this period. Due to the stay at home order, the plumbing networks in homes are feeling the heat of use hence translating to the high demand for their services.  The probability of a plumbing problem will be higher if you live in an old building structure.


Communication Mode Has Evolved With The Emergence of COVID-19

Plumbers are modifying their communication mode with clients to suit the times.  Remodeling is vital in the industry now, more than ever by introducing new communication pathways like through the use of various online chat applications to give plumbing clients more options and make them more comfortable.  The availability of these applications provides their clients with the opportunity to access a virtual diagnosis for varying problems.  The plumbers have also ensured that they make use of nose masks, wear gloves, and shoe covers on arrival at the homes of their clients.


Revamping Is Vital

As the pandemic has changed the face of the plumbing industry, it has not all been a negative impact though plumbers have had to handle significant changes during this pandemic.

They are dedicated to assisting their clients as they revamp their operations to these changes and work towards bringing about impeccable service to their local district.

Amidst the unpredictability caused by COVID-19, they are driving efforts towards unearthing pathways to remain relevant and profitable.


The Plumbing Industry Is Essential Service Compared To Other Service Providers

Everyone is bearing the brunt of the pandemic presently, individually and business-wise but the plumbing business can be said to be better placed in comparison to other service providers.  Plumbing service in comparison to other services like renovation service is essential.  Their clients could postpone house renovations but plumbing failures cannot be delayed in any way.


Vacated Buildings Need Extra Maintenance

From experience as a Burnaby plumbing service provider, they know that the plumbing network could begin to degenerate after months of not being used.  The lockdown has made so many building structures vacant for now; like schools, libraries, restaurants, museums, several places of work etc. There is no doubt the plumbing systems in these vacated buildings will begin to develop problems from lack of use;  septic seals getting loose due to evaporation of water is one of the likely issues that will arise in the vacated buildings which will translate into high demand for plumbing services post-COVID 19.


Bidet Systems Are Surprisingly Popular Now

The emergence of COVID-19 is also creating new opportunities in the plumbing industry. As one or more services begin to get unpopular due to the pandemic, some new services are beginning to come into existence also due to the pandemic. The bidet system is a clear instance.   Scarcity of toilet paper has caused an increase in the demand for the bidet system as many of their clients might opt for it. Clients that have opted for the bidet systems to cancel the challenge of the scarcity of toilet paper will most likely continue with the use of the bidet system even in the post-COVID era. They are excited about this new development and look forward to the high demand for installation and maintenance of bidet systems for their clients. The scarcity of toilet paper has turned out to have a positive effect on their plumbing business.


Economic Crunch Can Cause Clients To Postpone Planned Maintenance

They are aware that some of their clients will cancel or postpone planned maintenance work. If clients do not have major plumbing failures, they might be unenthusiastic to have plumbers come into their homes.  They are well aware of the low cash flow within the system currently, particularly with most people staying home and not working; hence the reason they have envisaged that the old plumbing system will be used for a longer time frame.


Infection Rates of COVID-19

Coronaviruses (CoV) are a big family of viruses that cause illness covers from the common cold to more acute diseases. A new coronavirus (CoV) was recognized on 7th January, 2020, and was temporarily named "2019-nCoV". It was eventually named the "COVID-19 virus".   WHO reported the COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic on 11th March, 2020. The rapid spread of the virus brought the whole globe on immediate lockdown; thereby shutting down over 70% of the world's economy. No one envisaged the dastardly effect the pandemic would have on the world at large. It changed the world in the twinkle of an eye.


New Restrictions set in place in BC

Narrowing the upsurge down to BC, up till now, the damaging effects is still being felt in the rapid spread of the deadly virus which has led to fresh restrictions by the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) has taken effect since 19th November, 2020 at midnight to 8th January, 2021 at midnight.


The restriction was placed on all social events and gatherings to slow down considerably the transmission of COVID-19 caused by traveling and social association. The new restriction was set by the Provincial Health Officer due to 2,020 new cases of COVID-19 and 35 death rates recorded within 3 days.  B.C.'s provincial health officer placed an extension on the proscription on social gatherings for another month thereby truncating any plans for big holiday get-together and New Year frivolities.


The extension also prohibits outdoor meets, which means groups are not allowed to meet in any park or backyard, however, walks with an individual is still allowed.   Another curtailment will continue for now, including the restrictions on adult team sports, high-intensity group fitness classes, and physical attendance of faith services.  The province is still requesting that people avoid all non-compulsory travel, including travel in and out of the province. 


Location of new COVID-19 cases in B.C. by health authority

                                                      Total Number                                                Most Recent Number

Fraser Health                                24,261                                                                      1,362


Vancouver Coastal Health          9,725                                                                         304


Interior Health                                 2,265                                                                         203


Northern Health                              1,084                                                                         106


Vancouver Island Health                  724                                                                            45


B.C. residents living outside Canada 94


Credit to CBC NEWS


British Columbia COVID-19 Dashboard

Filter Dashboard Values by Health Authority:

All Interior Fraser Vancouver Coastal Vancouver Island Northern

Total Cases



Laboratory Diagnosed






Currently Hospitalized

glyph hospital



Total to Date: 2,074

Currently in Critical Care



Confirmed Deaths






Last update: 8th December, 2020 by 1:30 a.m.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made known that 249,000 doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine will be available in Canada before the end of the year.

The newest report of new cases within three days was announced as follows:


- 647 cases between Friday and Saturday

- 726 cases between Saturday and Sunday

- 647 cases between Sunday and Monday


The province has recorded 9,380 active cases.

Sums of 359 people are currently hospitalized, with 77 people in intensive care and the death rate is at 527.


B.C.'s report made concrete the trepidation of many about the shape this year's holidays will take compared to previous years.  The province advocates that people hold virtual religious services and parties and unwrap gifts via video-conferencing.


Midcity Plumbing Service

 At Midcity Plumbing service, their Burnaby plumbers have had to face the risk of exposure to the virus to ensure that their clients have smooth running plumbing systems in their homes.  Unfortunately, in this challenging period, a lot of people have not been able to work at all leading to many individuals deciding to do a hands-on practice on the plumbing systems in their homes rather than call a skilled expert for assistance. Having made the aforementioned observation, at Burnaby, they went head-on to ensure that all their operational procedures are in line with the COVID-19 protocols to maintain and increase their client's confidence in them at this trying period. They do not undermine their clients' respect, referrals, and confidence in their quality service delivery and they do not take it for granted either.  Hence the reason they ensure the following:


Put on a mask

At Midcity Plumbers, they do not take wearing of facemasks with levity.  They procure quality facemasks for their staff from 72Hours. They are quick and efficient. The safety of their staff and clients are very important to them hence, they ensure that their plumbers show up in your home with their facemasks on.



They know that keeping a good hygienic tradition is a good practice all the time, whether there is a pandemic or not. They do not underestimate the power of presentation in their field of work. They are well aware that most clients will automatically hold in high esteem a plumber whose general appearance looks clean and neat.  Their Burnaby plumbing service providers are well trained and have been drilled on the power of a neat appearance.Plumbers, though their work brings them in contact with grit and dirt, cleanliness is a value they teach their Burnaby plumbers as their know the importance of a first impression.   Good reviews and referrals will boost their client base, hence they do not take it with levity because they know that a clean and hygienic appearance is an effortless and significant way to win client recommendations.


Easy Access to Hand Sanitizer

The Burnaby plumbers are trained and re-trained on the COVID-19 protocols.  One of which is the use of hand sanitizer.  They have a wide range of quality sanitizers you can choose from.  The plumbers are trained to have their hand sanitizers handy placed in the loop of their belts for easy reach and also for clients to see it. Due to the easy reach of the hand sanitizer, it presents a higher probability of it being used than if it is in the pocket.


These are part of the trainings they have given their plumbers; easy reach is motivating and making their plumbers do a better job of protecting themselves and their clients. They are equally trained to also bring a paper towel and a surface sanitizer along on the job. They have trained their Burnaby plumbers to be intentional with this by not keeping their sanitizer hidden in their tool bag.  


They have been trained to ensure the use of sanitizer and paper towels after the completion of a job. Peradventure, their clients see this so they can appreciate and feel more confident about their service delivery.  They have trained their plumbers to do the extra on the job by sanitizing the surfaces they have touched.  They are aware that their clients might want to inspect the work done, and they do not want to expose them to the risk of getting the virus peradventure their plumber is an asymptomatic virus carrier. It would be dreadful for their client to get the virus from touching areas where their plumber worked.


Keeping the distance

Plumbers are aware of the common mode of greeting everyone is used to; the handshakes, the hugs etc. However, their Burnaby plumbers have been trained to fit in with the demands of the pandemic as it has changed most of what humanity has been used to.  They have trained their plumbers to obey the social distancing rules in and out of the job.


Stay off the job if you or someone close to you exhibits symptoms

Also as part of the training given to their Burnaby plumbing service providers is to be selfless putting into consideration the safety of everyone; hence, if any of their plumbers do not feel well,  or exhibit any symptoms, or has been in close contact with someone exhibiting symptoms they know, they have to stay home. It is also in their work ethics to enquire from their client if any member of their household has experienced symptoms of the coronavirus. Their clients clearly understand the demands of these trying times and will appreciate their care for them on one hand and their workers on the other.


Make inquiries from the client on any precautionary steps that they would like you to take

This is one card they deal their clients on the job and stands them out on their level of sincere care for their clients. As simple and effortless as it looks or sounds, it goes a long way and means a whole lot to the clientele.  In most cases, all a client will demand is the washing of hands but at Plumbers, they are aware of the power this gesture wields knowing fully well it will mean a lot to their clients if not sweep them off their feet.  They train their Burnaby plumbers to understand that these little gestures count.


Their plumbers are skilled experts trained to look for any possible loophole in their job delivery and simply avoid such through simple inquiries to keep both parties safe; like requesting to have a reasonable distance apart from anyone in the home; making a request leave the doors open to reduce the touching of door handles, so also is requesting removal of the contents beneath the sink to reduce the hazards of exposure. They ensure they keep lines of communication open with their clients so they understand their work ethics fall in line with the COVID-19 protocols.  


Last-minute job cancelation is allowed due to exposure to the virus

As much as they would like and do their best to keep the service calls coming in, at Plumbers they are well aware that the virus is still very much around hence they are not hard on job cancelation by either party so far is due to exposure to the virus. Closing up on a job could be quite a difficult thing but they realize that their clients will profoundly appreciate their sincerity and transparency. The virus is still being transmitted daily and people live in constant dread of this deadly virus and are uncomfortable.  What matters to them is ensuring that their clients are satisfied, and that they call again and again.


HVAC Installation for

When our company needed to install an HVAC unit at our warehouse, Plumbers pulled their resources together and demonstrated a strong dedication to work, transparency, and quality delivery on the job.  They also utilized their skills in heating, drainage, gas fitting, air conditioning, boiler repair etc.


Installation was fast and seamless

The healthy collaboration made the job seem effortless due to the teamwork of experts.



They ensure that all their professionals do not underestimate the value of being skilled at what we do. They also share this same ideal hence; their plumbers are trained and highly skilled.


Followed all COVID-19 protocols

In the execution of their jobs, they have always ensured that all COVID-19 protocols are observed.  From the use of quality facemasks, vinyl gloves, hand washing practice, use of hand sanitizers, and disinfectants all procured for them and their partners, their reasons for working with a few select partners is not far-fetched. They share the same values hence creating a synergy that works with a “safety-first" ideology at all times.



All their professionals are experts on the job. They leave no stone unturned and they deliver the highest possible industry standard outputs during their execution of plumbing projects. Their excellent work ethic and skilled professionals are only some of the few best things about them. They place the satisfaction of its customers at the top of their priority whilst consistently delivering the best results in record time. It is habits like these that keep clients coming back and also some of the major reasons they are confident about drafting them on several projects.


They made sure that the installation did not impede our daily internal operation. This single feat left us quite impressed with the level of skill and experience that they brought to the job.  At, they would call on the professionals at Plumbers for quality work and delivery time and time again! They consistently outdo their best work to keep clients happy and we are confident that this is one of the few major things that keeps their clients coming back.


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