Where to get medical and non-medical masks in Canada

Where to get medical and non-medical masks in Canada

Surgical masks act as a blockade to minimize head-on transmission of infectious germs from healthcare workers to patients. The surgical masks prevent droplets from being launched into the environment by the wearer and safeguard patients in surgical theater from these microbes being transferred to the operative setting.  Surgical masks are not regarded as a Personal Protective Equipment. They safeguard the patient and the surgical area from infestation only.  With the continuous unfolding of events as restrictions are being relaxed, wearing of masks is gradually becoming the new normal as the Coronavirus pandemic has gradually caused masks to become a wardrobe requirement; that is a new reality. 

Where to get medical and non-medical masks in Canada

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In further explanation, a surgical face mask can also be said to be a disposable face mask that is worn over the nose and mouth to assist in safeguarding against the breathing in of particles in the air and to assist in averting the transference of destructive specks in the air. In contrast to other cloth face masks, a medical face mask is very intricately fashioned and produced to make sure it stays constructive in averting of disease transmission but not reducing any respiratory discomfort a person may experience as caused by heavy contamination in the air. A medical face mask is mainly worn by health workers generally it is worn using ear loops or tied around the back of the head, and covers the face the nose.

However, it is noteworthy that the N95 face mask is not a surgical face mask but a specific type of respirator mask produced using a very detailed and expert procedure referred to as melt blowing which makes an inner shield and filter for the wearer of the mask. This filter is in charge of firmly controlling what can be inhaled through the mask.

Medical authorities and the Center for Disease Control only authorize the use of medical masks and N95 masks at periods of peak air contamination or peak ailments. For instance, the N95 respirator, as a safety mask proficient in filtering out 95% of airborne specks, was endorsed for individuals having breathing issues involving bush fire smoke.   However for ease of procurement of medical masks, you can get them online from 72hoursAmazon.com; 3M Canada; Bound Tree Medical; Vital Medical Supplies; Henry Schein Medical to mention a few.

Where to get medical and non-medical masks in Canada

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Recently, Canada's Chief Public Health Officer emphasized that the body of information circulating the Coronavirus pandemic keeps evolving and currently, new proof shows that some infected individuals are highly infectious and can transfer the virus a few days before they begin to show symptoms. Such individuals are referred to as “pre-symptomatic.”

Dr. Theresa Tam, in April, affirmed that Canadians can put on a face mask to assist in reducing the transmission from those who are infected by the novel coronavirus but are asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic particularly in places where keeping a proper physical distance is difficult, like in a store or riding public transport. Shelley Carroll, Toronto Transit Commission board member communicated that putting on of face masks is now compulsory on city transit. Tam also guided Canadians not to make use of medical masks to keep the use of this device for frontline healthcare workers.  According to her, a non-medical mask can lessen the opportunity of your respiratory droplets from landing on surfaces or getting to others. She further reiterated that this body of information is not definite but that there is a need to do all that is possible as it is the only wise thing to do.

Non-medical masks are any cloth facemask that is not N95 respirators or surgical/procedurals. Individuals are firmly advised to make use of non-surgical face masks with proper care:

* Sanitize and clean non-surgical face masks with washing machine.

* Non-surgical face masks should be washed regularly, depending on frequent use.

* Persons should take care not to touch their nose, mouth, and eyes, when removing their face mask and ensure to do an immediate hand washing after removal.

* Cloth face masks should not be worn on toddlers under the age of two, anyone who is unconscious, has trouble breathing, disabled or unable to remove the mask without help.

Tam further offered suggestions on how to make a non-medical mask that Canadians could make use of a cotton shirt and rubber bands; and she also pointed out that there are also numerous retailers online that have them in stock if your preference is to procure it.  She said further that the outstanding aspect is that a major number of these brands are also seizing the chance to give back to the medical field. 

To procure non-medical masks and to also get to know the effect of your purchase go through the lists below:

- 72hours reusable face masks currently sell for $8.99

- Lisa Says Gah knit mask at $24 per purchase, the fashion brand will give $1 of each procedure to the San Francisco Marin Food Bank.

 -The boho-chic dealer is the newest label to provide a range of reusable face masks to customers and is working together with the non-profit organization GetUsPPE. For each post shared on social media platform with the hashtag #SliceOfHappy, the label will donate $5 for the provision of PPE for healthcare workers.

-Outdoor voices are offering a 5-pack of non-medical-grade reusable face masks at $25 made with Textured Compression. Outdoor Voices will be giving all of the earnings to Masks for the People.

-Staud, a modern designer brand introduces non-medical grade masks in sets of three at $30 with a ‘Buy One, Give One’ drive. For each set purchased, Staud is giving a set of masks to the Downtown Women's Center in Los Angeles.

-The Seattle-based dealer now provides face masks for sale on Nordstrom.com. With each sale of a pack of six face masks at $24, Nordstrom will give one mask to Good+ Foundation.

-The Kendra Scott Face Mask Set which is limited-edition is a set of 2 non-medical masks at $30. For every set of masks sold, the label will give one mask to a frontline worker.

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