Why We Still Need Social Distancing

 Why We Still Need Social Distancing

Social distancing is also referred to as physical distancing; it simply means keeping a safe distance between yourself and others who are not from your family circle. To enact social or physical distancing, you will need to stay at least 6 feet away from other individuals who are not from your family circle indoors and outdoors. Social distancing should be applied together with other daily preemptive actions to minimize the transmission of the Coronavirus, along with wearing cloth face masks, keeping from touching your face with unwashed hands, and constantly washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Reasons for continuous social distancing

Coronavirus transmits largely amongst people who are in close contact for a long time. Transmissions take place when an infected person talks, coughs or sneezes, and droplets from their mouth or nose are set in motion into the air and land in the mouths or noses of individuals close by. The droplets can also be breathed into the lungs. Current research signifies that infected individuals who do not exhibit symptoms are also probably instrumental in the spread of Coronavirus.  Since it is very feasible for individuals to transmit the virus before they know they are unwell, it is very crucial to stay at least 6 feet away from others even neither of you exhibits any symptoms.  Social distancing is chiefly crucial for individuals who are at higher risk of chronic illness from the Coronavirus.

 Why We Still Need Social Distancing

Why We Still Need Social Distancing

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If you are ill with the Coronavirus, exhibiting symptoms related to the Coronavirus, or have been in close contact with an infected individual, it is pertinent for you to stay home and away from other individuals until it is safe to be around others. The Coronavirus can live for hours or days on a surface, depending on elements such as kind of surface, humidity, and sunlight. It is most likely possible that an individual can get the Coronavirus through the touching of a surface or object that is infested with the virus and then going on to touch their eyes, mouth, or nose.  Nonetheless, this is not believed to be the major means by which the virus transmits. Social distancing assists in reducing the chances of coming in contact with polluted surfaces and infected individuals outdoors.

Though the risk of acute ailment may differ from person to person, anyone can get and transmit the Coronavirus. This invariably means that everyone has to contribute one way or the other to reduce the transmission and safeguard themselves, family, and community as a whole. Therefore, asides from enacting daily steps to avert the Coronavirus, maintaining the distance between you and other persons is one of the best ways to avert being exposed to the virus and reducing its transmission in communities.

 Social Distancing Nuggets

When going outdoors, it is very crucial to maintain at least 6 feet away from other persons and put a cloth face mask to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus.   Contemplate on the following nuggets to enact social distancing when you want to go outdoors.

Why We Still Need Social Distancing
Sources: Pexel.com

 Be current about health practices

 You should be current regarding the advisory from local public health authorities before going out.  This is to ensure you walk in line with the guidelines given to safeguard yourself and others.  

Choose secure social activities

You can stay in touch with family and friends who do not live close to the numerous media platforms available.  If and when it is compulsory that you others in person, remember to stay at least 6 feet away from others who are not from your family circle.

Make arrangements for commuting

Review the social distancing choices to journey safely when going on tasks or going to and from work, whether cycling, walking, driving, using public transport, or taxis. When using public transport, make effort to keep the 6 feet distance from other passengers or transport operators. Avoid communal taxis where other passengers will be picked and ensure to sit at the back seat in so you can be at least 6 feet away from the driver.

Keep distance at social gatherings

The best and safest options id to consciously avoid gatherings and crowded places where you might find it challenging to maintain the 6 feet distance from persons not from your family circle. Peradventure you find you are in a crowded place try your best to ensure you constantly keep the 6 feet space between yourself and other persons, and wear a cloth face mask. Cloth face masks are very crucial at times when physical distancing is almost impossible. Be aware of any guidelines, such as signs on walls, tape markings on floors instructing attendees to remain at least 6 feet apart from each other in queues or at other times. Ensure to allow other persons 6 feet space when passing by them indoors and outdoors.

 Reduce contact when outdoors

Go to stores only when it is needed; and remember to maintain the 6 feet distancing from other persons who are not from your family circle whilst standing in queues and during your shopping activities. If possible make use of other means to get your needs like delivery services, curbside pick-up, and drive-thru, to reduce contact with others to the barest minimum.  Also do not forget to keep physical distance and put on a face mask when receiving your deliveries.

Distance is the key while active

Are you contemplating going for a stroll, or bike ride within your environment or elsewhere where you can maintain 6 feet distance between yourself and others.  Put into consideration the traffic of people when choosing a location; ensure it is a place where you can keep the social distancing measure.

The Coronavirus pandemic having introduced a distinctive range of difficulties for us all, there is one massive complexity we would all have to adapt to and that is a total change in the way we relate with one another; it serves as a constant reminder on the necessity of social/physical distancing.  Social distancing is can be challenging but it is essential.



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