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      In an emergency, a battery-powered radio is an essential item to have in any emergency kit. An AM FM radio is the perfect tool for receiving emergency information during a disaster. Its' compact and light design makes storage a breeze and it is also portable and easy to use.


      Compact and lightweight, AM FM radios are easy to carry with you into any situation. Perfect for use during blackouts, earthquakes, and evacuation situations, the AM FM radio provides a reliable source of information and provide you with updates to current natural disasters through different radio channels. Simple and useful, the AM FM portable pocket radio is great item to have when you are camping, outdoors, and in any survival and emergency situations.

      Why is it important?

      AM FM Radios are important tools to have in any emergency kit or survival kit. In situations where there is a power outage or loss of cellular service, an AM FM Radio can provide you with current information and updates of the disaster or event. For example, after an earthquake, powerlines and cellular towers may be knocked down and out of commission. All electronics that are plugged in or require cellular service to function will be useless. Having a portable AM FM Radio that runs on its own power source can solve this problem. In case of an emergency, information regarding the disaster can be broadcasted across radio channels and instructions on what to do or where to go may also be provided. Depending on the seriousness of the emergency situation, you may be instructed to camp at home or move to a local safehouse.

      72 HOURS carries a variety of AM FM Radios.

      72 HOURS carries:

      NOAA and Deluxe Radios.

      The next step up from the AM FM Radios are Deluxe and NOAA Weather Radios that provide more functions on top of receiving AM and FM channels. Some functions include a flashlight, solar power, hand-crank, cell phone charger, preset NOAA weather channels, weather alert, and more.

      For Radios that provide more functions please take a look at our NOAA Radio collection:

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