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      72Hours Cabinet Group Emergency Kits

      Emergency Cabinet Kits that prepare your business and employees at work for any disaster. At 72HOURS, we strive to produce kits that help provide you with the tools and supplies you will need to survive even the toughest of disasters.

      Get ready, with the Emergency Cabinet Kits. The kits can support 20, 30, 40, and up too 100 individuals in the case of an emergency. Loaded with essential items for survival such as food, water, shelter, and many more, we plan past the first 72 hours. The kits are designed to be both compact and comprehensive to provide the most essential, but also the most important survival equipment to get out or wait out any situation.

      Why the 72HOURS Emergency Cabinet Kit

      The Emergency Cabinet Kit also comes with an emergency key cabinet that provides security daily. However, in the case of an emergency, the key cabinet comes with a metal rod that can break the safety glass to reach the keys in-order to gain access to the survival items.

      The 72HOUR Emergency Cabinet Kit also comes with the exclusive 72HRS Solar Lamp LED Torch Light, FM Radio, Dynamo, Speaker, & Battery Mobile Charger. The 72HRS Solar Lamp is designed for both everyday and emergency applications. With its revolutionary design and multi-functionality, it allows for versatile application in a multitude of situations. The 72HRS Solar Lamp also comes with a hand crank charger that provides a little boost of juice in any situation.