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Deluxe Group Emergency Kit

Advanced emergency supplies for large groups or organizations. Includes Datrex Food and Water Rations, Solar LED Light / radio, First Aid Kit, and more.

Deluxe Group Emergency Kit

Prepare your workplace, family or organization with the Group Survival Kits from 72HOURS. Our Deluxe Group Survival Kits are packed into a mobile backpack and portable toilet kit to ensure your organization, workplace or family will be prepared for any emergency or disaster. Our Deluxe Group Survival kits are designed for offices or workplaces and contain important survival tools and advanced emergency preparedness items you need to prepare for any emergency. Included in each Deluxe Group Survival Kits are  3-day supply of 3600 Calorie Datrex Food Rations and 125ml Datrex Water Rations, Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets, a 108-piece First Aid Kit, 72HOURS Emergency Sleeping Bags, 72HOURS Three Wick 36 HR Emergency Candles, and much more. Also included is our innovative Multi-function Solar Lamp LED Torch Light that serves as an FM Radio, Speaker, Dynamo Hand-Crank, and Mobile Battery Charger. 

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