Megaphone and Siren

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      Megaphone and Siren

      Megaphone, bullhorn, and siren are great tools for notifying and communication in an outdoor environment. Sounds and lights provide both audible and visual help to notify and direct people. Perfect for events, parties, and outdoor activities, the megaphone, and siren allows you to grab the attention of the people around you. Megaphone and sirens can also be used in an emergency situation by allowing you to communicate with a large group of people. These devices can also be used for search and rescue. Megaphones allow you to project your voice across a large area, while siren and lights allow you to notify others where you are currently located.

      Megaphone, bullhorn, and siren are perfect tools to have during an event, outdoor activity, emergency, search and rescue, and disasters.

      Megaphone and Siren carried by 72 HOURS.

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