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      Emergency meals do not have to be boring. While emergency meals have had a history of tasteless, bland foods, you can find at 72HOURS a comprehensive line of emergency meal entrees suitable for you. We have a variety of options with our selection of emergency freeze-dried foods, which have an incredibly long shelf life. The freeze-drying process allows for nutrients and vitamins to be well preserved to allow your body to obtain the much-needed nutrition in the event of an emergency or disaster. 

      Diversified Selection of Entrees 

      Choose from a wide selection of meats and menus, such as Turkey Tetrazzini or Chicken Teriyaki with Rice. Dive into a tasty meal of flavor with the Sweet & Sour Pork with Rice or the hearty Chilli Mac with Beef. At 72HOURS, we focus on providing you with a diverse line of emergency freeze-dried foods for breakfast, lunch, or dinner to ease the process of building your emergency food storage supply. We also offer combination meals and bulk entree options to allow you to have a well-stocked emergency food supply that is tasty, delicious, and nutritious.  

      Diversify your long-term food storage and emergency meals with 72HOURS. We offer an extensive selection of high-quality gourmet meals from leading brands such as Mountain House, Wise Foods, and DailyBread. Easy to prepare and easy to store, Emergency Freeze-Dried Food Entrees are a perfect addition to any emergency preparedness kit. With such a wide selection of food options, you can ensure that everyone in your family or workplace will have access to nutritious and delicious meals. 



      72HOURS  is your source for long-term food storage and emergency preparedness supplies. At 72HOURS , our Short-Term Food Storage products provide you with compact and comprehensive food storage options to suit your every meal. Whether you need a U.S. Coast Guard Approved Food Ration or a delicious and nutritious gourmet meal from Mountain House, you can be assured that 72HOURS  will have the food products you and your family will need in an emergency.  



      72HOURS  is your source for long-term food storage and emergency preparedness supplies. Our incredibly diverse selection of food storage products from leading brands such as Mountain House and Wise Food Storage will help protect you and your family in emergency or disaster situations. Our freeze dried meals and dehydrated foods can last up to 30 years when kept in storage conditions (excluding stand-alone pouches). This means that you do not have to rotate your long-term food products. Pouches not stored in airtight buckets have a shelf life of around 7 years if kept in proper storage conditions.


      Calories are a vital factor as part of your food storage planning. In order to determine your family’s food storage needs, you should think in terms of the amount of calories per person, per day, and then in terms of nutrients (such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals), and finally in terms of cost per serving.  

      During high-stress situations, our bodies require more calories than usual to operate in peak conditions. Under normal situations, most adults require about 2,000 to 2,600 calories per day, with higher calories need for high levels of stress or activity. Children usually require about 1,500 to 1,600 calories per day, but remember to take into account their physiological development. Since they are growing, their hunger may outpace or parallel your own! 


      All food storage should be kept in a dark, cool, dry place, with an ideal temperature of 24.4°C (76°F) so that your food storage will last for its maximum shelf life of up to 25 years, and for up to 30 years on Mountain House products!


      At 72HOURS , we offer an extensive selection of gourmet freeze dried foods aimed at providing nutritious meals for everyday outdoor trips or as part of your family’s survival kits. Thus, our selection of gourmet freeze dried foods from leading companies such as Mountain House and Wise Food Storage are aimed to improve your quality of life, especially during tough times such as in an emergency or an extended disaster situation. These gourmet meals are delicious and can provide essential nutrients during stressful times. At 72HOURS , you can be rest assured that you will find quality emergency food and survival supplies at the best prices in the industry. So whether you are looking for freeze dried food or emergency preparedness seeds, 72HOURS  has it all.