Fire Starters

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      Fire Starters

      A Fire Starter tool is an important component for any outdoor survival kits. Providing a source of the fire can mean life or death in certain situations and having a Fire Starter can reduce the time needed to acquire a source of lighting and warmth.

      Having the ability to create fire can also provide a variety of different functions including cooking, signal fires, warmth, and protection. Fire Starters are easy to use and convenient to carry around. With their compact and lightweight design, Fire Starters are easy to include in any survival kit, emergency kit, bug out bag, or earthquake kit.

      Fire Starters are an essential part of any emergency and survival kit. Having the ability to create fire can provide you with immediate lighting in the dark and provide warmth during the cold seasons. Fire starting tools provide both lighting and warmth that are fundamental elements in survival. By ensuring your emergency kit and survival kit have fire-starting tools, you are better prepared to face the elements and survive.

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