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      Lighting is one of the most important factors to consider when you are in an emergency situation. Being trapped in complete darkness can hinder your ability to survive in an emergency disaster. It is important to have a reliable source of lighting in unexpected situations such as blackouts, if you are trapped somewhere, or if you have to move to another location at night. A bright source of lighting can also be used as a signal or flare allowing search and rescue personnel to locate your position easier. 

      Light is a necessity during an emergency or a disaster. Unexpected events such as power outages or earthquakes can leave you and your family without adequate lighting for hours or days, or even longer. The lack of lighting in your home or workplace can make existing dangers even more extreme and expose you and your family to further dangers. At 72HOURS, we offer a comprehensive selection of emergency lighting essentials to suit your every need

      The foundation of a well-stocked emergency kit contains a minimum of one lighting source, including spare batteries or matches. It is important to ensure that every member of your family has access to an emergency light source in his or her emergency kit in order to prevent further disasters that could lead to injury. Light sources such as flashlights, candles, and light sticks will make it easier for you and your family to see and be seen.

      At 72HOURS, we offer a diverse selection of light sources such as our standard rechargeable LED Mechanical Hand Crank flashlight, which does not require batteries to function. You can even charge your phone with our 72HOURS Solar Lamp LED Torch Light or our 72HOURS Hand-Crank Powered Light, which also functions like an alarm and AM/FM Radio. Many of our light sources offer continuous and accessible power for your safety and even can function as a charging device for your USB devices and cell phones.

      Whether you choose long-burning multi-wick candles or reliable rechargeable flashlights to include in your emergency or outdoor survival kit, you can rest assured that you and your family will be prepared for any emergency, power outage, or disaster.


      72HOURS carries a large selection of Flashlights.

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      Additional Flashlight options with Multi Function Features.