Folding Cot

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      Folding Cot

      Strong and stable, Folding Cots are perfect items to bring to any outdoor activities, camping trips, emergencies, or natural disasters. Folding Cots unfolds to create an instant bed that is elevated off the ground. In an emergency situation such as an earthquake, your local community centre may become a safe house for the duration of the time until emergency services can reach your location. In these situations having a Folding Cot can make a significant difference in the level of comfortability as opposed to just sleeping on the cold hard ground. Having a Folding Cot is also beneficial for older individuals, such as seniors, as they do not need to try and lower themselves all the way to the ground. This can prevent fall injuries and back pain. 

      Compact and convenient, Folding Cots can be easily stored and transported anywhere you go.

      72HOURS carries a large selection of Folding Cot and Shelter options.

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