Happy 154th Birthday to Canada!

Happy Canada Day!

This year Canada turns a young 154 years old. While we’re still a relatively young nation, we’ve had quite a list of accomplishments and milestones. From Anne of Green Gables to our famous Tim Horton’s Coffee, Canada’s vast regions have allowed for a diverse culture to emerge. From eating delicious poutine to drinking a double-double, Canada has developed its own unique culture.

Here are some interesting facts about Canada:

first tim hortons

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1) Tim Hortons

Doughnuts were not Tim Horton’s first business venture. He ran a service station and car dealership in Toronto in the 1950s and in 1953 he was a partner in an unsuccessful drive-in chicken and burger restaurants in the Toronto Area. Tim Horton’s was originally called Tim Donut Ltd, after Horton and two partners launched their doughnut business in 1964. Can you believe a dozen doughnuts just cost 69 cents and a cup of coffee was just a dime?

 john labatt

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2) John Labatt

John Labatt, founder of the Labatt Brewery Company, first introduced the idea of a Victoria Day holiday (commonly called May 2-4) while he was a councillor in London, Ontario, and other cities soon followed suit until it became a national celebration. Victoria Day was originally celebrated to honour the famous 19th century British queen, but today it is commonly associated as the “official” start to summer—from cracking open a cold beer, taking a trip to the cottage, or watching fireworks and parades.


canada map

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3) How big Canada really is

Canada has a land mass of 9,970,610 square kilometres, making it the second largest country in the world, encompassing six time zones and extending to coastlines in the Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific Ocean


cheech and chong

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4) Cheech & Chong

Famous stoner comedian duo Cheech & Chong first started out in Vancouver BC in the late 1960s. Tommy Chong was originally from Edmonton, Alberta while Cheech Marin had moved from Southern California to avoid the Vietnam War draft.


trans canada highway with mountains

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5) Trans-Canada Highway

At 7,821 kilometres in length, the Trans-Canada Highway is the longest highway in the world. In total, there are over 900,000 kilometres of roads and highways.


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