Real Meal Emergency Survival Kit

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      Why The Real Meal Survival Kit?

      When a natural disaster such as an earthquake or an emergency occurs, you will want to be prepared. During dangerous times, it's important to count your calories so you can have the energy you need to survive. That is why we've created our exclusive 72HOURS Real Meal Survival Kits that focus on providing you and your family with a semblance of normality in times of disaster or emergency.

      The 72HOURS Real Meal Survival Kit is designed to be a compact, yet comprehensive emergency preparedness packaged with delicious gourmet freeze-dried food from Mountain House.

      How to Prepare a Mountain House Pouches?

      1. Get some water boiling.

      2. Read the directions. It’s important to read the directions on each pouch, as the directions may be different for each pouch. Some will require more water than others and some may require longer cooking time.

      3. Open Pouch. 

      4. Remove the oxygen absorber.**

      5. Fill the pouch with indicated amount of boiling water.

      6. Stir.  This step we found rather important, as we have found that the contents of the pouch are dense. Sometimes water cannot penetrate the entire pouch, especially around the bottom corners. Stirring helps integrate all of the product so that everything is mixed thoroughly and rehydrated correctly.

      7. Close and time. Each pouch will have there own cooking time indicated.

      8. Open, stir and serve!

      Benefits of a 72HRS Real Meal Survival Kit

      The 72HOURS Real Meal Survival Kit includes all the survival tools and items you will need to survive an emergency or a disaster, such as light, water, shelter, and communication, while also containing nutritious gourmet-food from Mountain House Freeze Dried Food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Enjoy a heated gourmet meal such as the Mountain House Chicken and White Bean Chilli with the 72HOURS Piezo Ignition Compact Cooking Stove that contains a powerful flame to help you bring your water to a rapid boil or a slow simmer so you can cook the way you want to.

      The 72HRS Real Meal Survival Kit offers [6] different Mountain House Pouches for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.


      Pouches — 30-Year Shelf Life * 

      Mountain House products have raised the shelf-life on pouches to 30 years. Remember that the recommend storing of your pouches should be unopened and avoid prolonged exposure to temperatures above 75° (24°C) to maximize shelf life. 

      The rest is up to you: store food under dry, sanitary conditions, without prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures and avoiding any environment that could cause damage to the packaging, such as punctures, dents, or rust. Simply follow these common sense storage tips and you will have emergency food when you need it.