1 Person Tactical Real Meal Emergency Survival Kit with NOAA Weatherband Radio by 72HRS

ITEM: 72RM-005
1 Person Tactical Real Meal Emergency Survival Kit with NOAA Weatherband Radio by 72HRS items laid out
1 Person Tactical Real Meal Emergency Survival Kit with NOAA Weatherband Radio by 72HRS what&
72Hours Crusader one NOAA weatherband radio with flashlight and powerbank
man drinking 72Hours emeregency drinking water pouch
Aquatabs water purification tablet in bottle of water
woman carrying 72HRS Tactical Backpack with items outside backpack
man using emergency sleeping bag and first aid kit beside him. Man wearing rain poncho
man shining flashlight in dark area and man lighting candle in the dark with matches
multifunction knife cutting rope while wearing leather work gloves.
Mountain House scrambled eggs with bacon served on white plate
Mountain House granola with milk and blueberries served on white plate
Mountain House Rice and Chicken served on blue metal plate
Mountain House spaghetti with meat sauce served on white metal plate
Mountain House macaroni and cheese served on white plate

1 Person Tactical Real Meal Emergency Survival Kit with NOAA Weatherband Radio by 72HRS

ITEM: 72RM-005
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ITEM: 72RM-005

1 Person Tactical Real Meal Emergency Survival Kit with NOAA Weatherband Radio by 72HRS



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    Perfect for outdoor adventures or emergencies, the Tactical Real Meal Emergency Survival Kit contains a comprehensive supply of 30-year shelf life gourmet freeze-dried food from Mountain House along with up to 5-year shelf life water rations. Use the 72HRS Piezo Ignition Cooking Stove's powerful flame to prepare hearty gourmet meals in a flash.

    Prepare yourself for any emergency with Search and Rescue supplies such as a safety whistle to call for help, N95 dust masks to protect your face from dust, and a handy multi-function army containing seven stainless steel tools, and more. Exclusive to the  Tactical Real Meal Emergency Survival Kit is the Black Crusader One NOAA weather band radio with several more features.



    No. of Backpacks: 1

    Total weight: 16.5LBS (7.5 kg)

    Product Weight and Dimension of each Backpack:

    Length: 17" (43cm)

    Width: 12" (30cm)

    Height: 10" (25cm)

    Weight: 16.5LBS (7.5 kg)

    Black Real Meal what's included


    [1] Scrambled Eggs with Bacon - One Serving (Mountain House®)
    • 1 serving per pouch.
    • 360 calories per serving.

    [2] Granola with Blueberries and Milk - One Serving (Mountain House®)

    • 1 serving per pouch.
    • 520 calories per serving.

      Lunch and Dinner
      [1] Rice and Chicken - One Serving (Mountian House®) May be replaced with product of equal or greater value

      • 1 serving per pouch.
      • 500 calories per serving.

      [1] Spaghetti with Meat Sauce - One Serving (Mountian House®) May be replaced with product of equal or greater value

      • 1 serving per pouch.
      • 480 calories per serving.

      [1] Macaroni and Cheese - One Serving (Mountian House®) May be replaced with product of equal or greater value

      • 1 serving per pouch.
      • 620 calories per serving.


        [24] 125ml 72HOURS Emergency Water Ration

        • The only emergency water on the market that is BURST PROOF!
        • Able to withstand increased external applied pressure.
        • Able to withstand repeated freeze-thaw cycle.
        • Up to a 5 years shelf life (delivered within 1-6 months after the manufacturing date)
        • Lightweight and extremely compact.

        [10] Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets for 1 L Extra Strength

        • 10 tablets treat up to 10L, fast acting, great taste, iodine free.
        • Each tablet treats 1L of water
        • Prevent Travellers’ Diarrhea, Giardia, e. Coli, fecal coliforms, Cholera, Typhoid and other waterborne disease and illness.

        [1] 10 Liter Collapsible Water Container

        • Perfect for outdoor activities.
        • Durable collapsible water container that is made from high-grade polyethylene.
        • The spigot design offers an integrated on/off feature and is completely leak-proof. 


        [1] 72HRS Emergency Sleeping Bag

        • Aluminized non-stretch metallic fabric provides up to 90% heat retention ensuring optimal warmth.
        • Water and wind resistant and can be used as a shelter or tarp.
        • Reflective metallic fabric can also be used as a reflector or signal in case of an emergency.
        • Dimensions: 213.0 cm x 91.5 cm (83.0 in. x 36.0 in.)

        [1] 72HRS Hooded Rain Poncho

        • Hooded Rain Poncho.
        • Made of Polyethylene.
        • Ultra-Lightweight, compact and reusable.
        • Dimensions: 127.0 cm x 132.1 cm x 203.2 cm (50.0 in. x 52.0 in. x 80 in.)

        [1] 72HRS Tube Tent

        • Water-resistant and durable.
        • Fire Retardant.
        • Can Fit up to 2 to 3 people.
        • Includes a 25 ft. Nylon Rope.
        • Dimensions (assembled): 8.0 ft. x 6.0 ft.

        [1] 72HRS Roll Duct Tape

        • Rubber adhesive sticks well to a variety of surfaces.
        • Variety of uses – sealing, holding, labeling, temporary repairs requiring durability.
        • Strong and long-lasting.
        • Dimension:5.0 cm x 10 yds (2.0 in. x 10 yds)

        Lighting and Communication

        [1] 72HRS CRUSADER ONE NOAA Flashlight Analog Radio - BLACK

        • Compact and lightweight
        • 4 power options - hand-crank, solar panel, DC 5V input, batteries
        • AM/FM/NOAA Weather band channels
        • 3 modes of LED flashlight, portable charger
        • Compliant with FCC part 15 rules and Proposition 65

            [1] 72HRS Three Wick 36HR Emergency Candles

            • Three wicks allow variable light and heat. 
            • Burns up to 36 hours, 12 hours per wick (total of 3 wicks).
            • The well-sized base provided optimal stability.
            • Strong metal casingPerfect item for camping or emergency preparedness kits.

            [40] 72HRS Waterproof Matches

            • A great addition to your emergency survival kit.
            • Waterproof.
            • 40 matches/box.

            Cooking Supplies

            [1] 72HRS Piezo Ignition Compact Cooking Stove

            • Made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel.
            • Ergonomic and compact design is perfect for ultralight camping and backpacking. 
            • Flame control.
            • Carry case included.

            [1] Jetboil Jetpower 100g Isobutane/ Propane Fuel

            • 100g canister boils approximately 10L of water.
            • 100g canister.
            • Compact and lightweight.

            [1] Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Red 3" Carabiner Handle (300ml)

            • The single-walled stainless steel design allows for quick boiling over a direct flame.
            • Attach-and-go with the convenient carabiner handle.
            • Our mug is the perfect size to hold a short order of your favorite drink
              304 Stainless Steel.

            [1] 72HRS 6-in-1 Tool Kit - Camping Multi-tool

            • Knife.
            • Spoon.
            • Fork.
            • Cork Screw.
            • Can and Bottle Opener.
            • Carrying Case.

            First Aid

            [1] 108 Pcs First Aid Kit

            [36] 3/4'' X 3'' Band-Aids, [30] 3/8'' x 1 1/2'', [2] 4'' x 4'' Gauze Pads, [2] 3'' x 3'' Gauze Pads, [2] 2'' x 2'' Gauze Pads, [1] 2'' Rolled Gauze, [15] Alcohol Pads, [10] Cotton Swabs, [1] Adhesive Tape Roll, [1] Tweezer, [1] First Aid Guide, [1] 5'' x 6'' Cold Pack, [1] Scissors, [3] Tongue Depressor, [1] Plastic Carry Case (7'' x 5 1/2'' x 2 1/2)

            [2] Vinyl Glove (Included in the 108 Pcs First Aid Kit)

            • Latex-free and powder free
            • Ambidextrous
            • 2 Pieces (1 pair)
            • Exceptional fit with rolled cuff 

            Search and Rescue

            [1] Aluminum Alloy Emergency Whistle

            • Heavy aluminum whistle.
            • Super loud clear tone.
            • Can be used as a key ring
            • Bead-less

            [1] N95 Kimberly Clark Dust Mask

            • Individually packaged.
            • Prevent inhalation of contaminants released into the air.

            [1] 72HRS Leather Palm Work Gloves

            • Cowhide leather provides great comfort.
            • Used in construction and masonry work.
            • Heavyweight cotton back.
            • Washable.

              [1] 72HRS 50ft Nylon Utility Cord

              • 50 Foot Nylon Utility Rope.
              • Polypropylene material.
              • Braided Synthetic Cord.
              • Durable and Lightweight


              [1] 72HRS Tissue Pack

              • Individually packaged.
              • 2 Ply.
              • Lightweight, compact and slim.
              • Helps maintain a sanitary condition


              [1] 72HRS Black Tactical Backpack

              • Made from 600D + 900D Polyester and coated for water-resistance
              • Built to utilize space, this bag can carry a load of 37 liters
              • 29 compartments, a laptop compartment, mesh and nylon pockets, and an admin panel
              • Efficiently distribute weight across your shoulders with the 900D back and Mesh Shoulder straps
              • MOLLE straps and additional straps to attach oversized items

              Print Spec. Sheet - Click Here

              72HRS CRUSADER ONE NOAA Flashlight Analog Radio

              With the increase in the frequency of natural disasters due to climate change, solely relying on your phone for important updates or weather alerts will be futile if it is out of power or lacking reception. That’s why the CRUSADER One NOAA Weather Band Emergency Radio is the perfect solution for keeping yourself informed with any alerts or weather warnings.

              Its 4-way built-in power options ensure you receive important radio broadcasts wherever you go! Tune in to your favourite AM/FM channels or listen to 1 of 7 pre-set NOAA emergency broadcast channels to get the latest updates and information. It also comes with other useful built-in features such as a flashlight, power bank, and SOS siren so that you have an all in one device.

              We’ve tested similar products in the market and we are proud to say that the CRUSADER One provides one of the crispest sounding radios on the market. Immerse yourself in the CRUSADER One’s premium audio experience the next time you are preparing for an emergency, camping, backpacking, and other outdoorsy stuff.

              How to Prepare Mountain House Pouches with the 72HRS Piezo Ignition Compact Stove and Jetboiil Jetpower 100g isobutane/propane Fuel

              Easy to Prepare:

              • Open package and tear notch. Remove and discard oxygen absorber.
              • Carefully add the number of a cup(s) of boiling water indicated on each pouch.
              • Stir carefully and close the zipper. Optional: After 4 minutes stir. Reclose and wait until the food is ready.


              What makes the 72HOURS Real Meal Survival Kit unique?

              Our Real Meal Survival Kit is designed to provide both emergency essentials and delicious gourmet freeze-dried food from Mountain House. It's focused on keeping you nourished and prepared during disasters or emergencies.

              What Mountain House freeze-dried meals are specifcially offered within this kit? 

              The kit offers a variety of gourmet meals, including options like Scrambled Eggs with Bacon, Granola with Blueberries and Milk, Rice and Chicken, Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, and Macaroni and Cheese, all by Mountain House.

              How does the Real Meal Survival Kit help with cooking?

              The kit comes with a Piezo Ignition Compact Cooking Stove and Jetboil Fuel for convenient cooking. You can enjoy heated gourmet meals anytime.

              How do you prepare the meals?

              The Mountain House meals are very convievent to cook! Please follow & scroll down to view the instructions on how to prepare the Mountain House Meals. Link:

              Mountain House

              What sets the Tactical Real Meal Kit apart from the 72HRS Real Meal Kit?

              Both kits contain the same items within both kits. The difference lies in the color of the CRUSADER ONE radio; the Tactical Kit has a black radio, while the 72HRS Real Meal Kit includes a red one. The Tactical Kit's bag is made of durable, water-resistant material, has more compartments, and features additional straps for versatility.

              reviews & questions
              Reviews & Questions