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Emergency Kits

Why an Emergency Kit?

Emergency Preparedness Kits are a vital part of your emergency planning and preparedness. Disasters such as earthquakes can strike without warning, which means you may have to leave at a moment’s notice. The destructive power of earthquakes can leave a resounding shock in the wake of a powerful, sudden quake. Earthquake-prone areas such as Western Canada and California can force you to realize the critical importance of being prepared for any and all emergencies, including earthquakes.  

Having the right earthquake survival gear and tools on hand as part of your earthquake kit will make the difference between having what you need and what you will not have. Since post-earthquake recovery efforts can take a long time, it is essential that you have the necessary basic food, shelter, water, and light supplies to survive up to 72HOURS and beyond. All of our 72HOURS Earthquake kits are designed for a single individual or for larger groups, so that everyone in your family or workplace has what they need when they need it most. With a 72HOURS Emergency Survival Kit, you can be rest assured that you will have all the essential emergency survival items needed to keep you alive. 

Research and Development

Our 72HOURS Earthquake kits are packed in a convenient and durable backpacks stocked with all the survival essentials to keep you warm, hydrated, and satiated for the first three days after an earthquake. The impending chaos after an earthquake can make it difficult to find access to basic human needs such as food and water. In the aftermath following a quake, emergency supplies will be at a critical level without a well-stocked and updated earthquake kit.  


The benefits of a 72HOURS Emergency Kit is the assurance that you and your family will have all the emergency supplies you need. Custom built emergency kits from scratch may leave out important items and can quickly become a time-consuming endeavor. Ordering a pre-packaged 72HOURS Emergency Kit will ensure you and your family will be ready to face any emergency or disasters such as earthquakes. We have taken the time to research and obtain the high quality emergency survival items to place into all of our kits so you will be ready to go whenever or wherever you are when disaster strikes.

At 72HOURS, we have made preparedness easier for our customers by putting together a diverse and comprehensive selection of emergency preparedness kits and items. All you have to do is select an emergency survival kit that best suits you and your family’s needs. Whether you are preparing for an earthquake or for automotive emergencies, you can be rest assured that our 72HOURS Earthquake Kits will have what you need to stay safe and protected during tumultuous times.

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