72HRS Essential Backpack Car Kit - Red

ITEM: 72AK-002
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72HRS Essential Backpack Car Kit food and water and thermal blanket
6 gauge jumper cable
Tow rope, seatbelt cutter, and window breaker
72HRS Essential Backpack Car Kit compact and lightweight

72HRS Essential Backpack Car Kit - Red

ITEM: 72AK-002
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  • Be prepared for any automobile trouble with our all-inclusive kit. Stay safe, warm, and secure during breakdowns or accidents.
  • Ensure your safety with high-quality tools and solutions for unexpected situations.
  • Our emergency kit fits all vehicle types and provides solutions for various emergencies.
  • Save time and money with our meticulously researched and customer-approved tools.
  • Stay prepared with our convenient and comprehensive emergency kit.
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ITEM: 72AK-002

72HRS Essential Backpack Car Kit - Red



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Having a roadside emergency kit in your automobile can provide you and your passengers with the assistance you need to get back on the road. Whether your car needs a boost, protection from the elements, or roadside assistance, you can be certain that an emergency automotive kit from 72HOURS will provide you with the tools you will need to survive and handle any emergency.

What’s Included:

Food and Water

[1] 2400C Datrex Emergency Food Ration

[6] 72HRS Emergency Drinking Water 125ml

Automotive Tools

[1]  72HRS 6 Gauge Battery Jumper Cable
[1] Tow Rope- Tows Up to 2600 Lbs
[1] 3 in 1 Emergency Hammer, Seat Belt Cutter, Window Breaker
[1] Reflecting Foldable Triangle with Stand

Lighting and Communication

[1] 72HRS Rechargeable LED Dynamo Flashlight
[1] 72HRS Three Wick 36HR Emergency Candle
[40] 72HRS Waterproof matches

Search and Rescue

[1] 72HRS Safety Whistle
[1] 72HRS Leather Palm Work Gloves (pair)
[1] Utility Knife with Retractable Blade
Dust Mask


[1] 72HRS Extra Large Thermal Blanket
[1] 72HRS Hooded Rain Poncho
[1] 72HRS Duct Tape Roll
[1] Golf Pencil
[1] Notepad

First Aid

[1] 108 Pcs First Aid Kit
[36] 3/4'' X 3'' Band-Aids, [30] 3/8'' x 1 1/2'', [2] 4'' x 4'' Gauze Pads, [2] 3'' x 3'' Gauze Pads, [2] 2'' x 2'' Gauze Pads, [1] 2'' Rolled Gauze, [15] Alcohol Pads, [10] Cotton Swabs, [1] Adhesive Tape Roll, [1] Tweezer, [1] First Aid Guide, [1] 5'' x 6'' Cold Pack, [1] Scissors, [3] Tongue Depressor, [1] Plastic Carry Case (7'' x 5 1/2'' x 2 1/2)[1] Vinyl Gloves (pair) (included in 108 Pcs First Aid Kit)


[1] 72HRS Tissue Pack


[1] 72HRS Esssential Backpack


  • Backpack Dimensions:
    • Length: 17" (43cm)
    • Width: 12" (30cm)
    • Height: 7" (17cm)
  • Backpack Weight: 16.1LBS (7.3 kg)

reviews & questions
Reviews & Questions