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      Portable Cookware provides convenience and practicality for cooking outdoors. Its compact design makes carrying and transporting easy and simple. In situations where you do not have electricity or other resources, Portable Cookware allows you to heat up and cook food. A meal that is heated up and warm can provide a lot more morale than a cold meal in emergency situations or natural disasters. Easy to set up and use, Portable Cookware provide the convenience of heat and ability to cook in an outdoor or emergency situation. 

      Portable Cookware is made of durable and strong material that provides reusability and long-lasting usage. Options such as Portable Camping Cooking Bags, Steam Genie, and steam bags provide a lightweight and disposable option for heating up meals. Perfect for outdoor adventures, backpacking, bugout bags, or emergency kits, Portable Cookware provides the luxury of heating up and cooking meals in any situation.

      72HOURS carries a variety of different Cookware options.

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      72HOURS also carried a variety of Fire Starters.