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Portable Camping Cooking Bag

Portable Camping Cooking Bag, Maximum Heating Temperature: (194°C)

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Product Details

Perfect for Heating Mountain House Pouches. 

 Works the same way as the Mountain House Oven

  • No Fire or Electricity Needed!
  • Bag Includes: - 10pc Heating Packs
    • 1pc Measuring Cup
    • pc Resealable & Reusable Food Warmer Bag
  • Maximum Heating Temperature: 381°F (194°C)
  • Heating Time Can Last for 20 Minutes
  • Great for Camping, Emergencies Etc

Steps to heat mountain house pouch:

  1. open mountain house pouch and remove the oxygen absorber
  2. take one of the heating pads and place it inside the portable cooking bag.
  3. fill mountain house pouch with water as per the prep instructions on the back of each pouch and give it a quick stir
  4. add 20ml of water to the heading pad inside of the portable cooking bag
  5. immediately place your mountain house meal upright inside the Portable camping cooking bag and close the zipper. The heat activation pad will begin to heat.
  6. after a few second the portable oven bag will begin to steam. After about 20 mins take the pouch out and enjoy a hot meal.
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