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3600 Calorie Datrex Emergency Food Rations, (Case of 20)

Datrex 3600 Calorie Emergency Food Ration case of 20

3600 Calorie Datrex Emergency Food Rations, (Case of 20)

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  • U.S Coast Guard, Canadian Coast Guard, and EC approved.
  • Taste like a crunchy cookie with a slight coconut flavour.
  • Non-thirst Provoking and has up to a 5 years shelf life (delivered within 1-6 months after the manufacturing date)
  • Contains 18 individually wrapped bars which contain 200 cal each per each package of ration
  • Each person should consume 3 to 5 individually wrapped bars per day.
  • For people with gluten sensitivity please take a look at our gluten-free survival tabs.


    • 3600 Calorie Datrex Emergency Food Ration Bars are excellent tasting and are ideal for emergency reserves, survival kits, earthquake 72-hour kits, and of course, life rafts.
    • Each multi-layered sealed pouch contains 18 individually wrapped bars which contain 200 calories each. The outer foil package is heat sealed to maintain maximum freshness and ease of dispersing.
    • Datrex Food Rations are is used by the American Red Cross, U.S. Coast Guard, and many other groups and organizations around the world for use as emergency survival food. In a survival situation, one block of 18 bars is sufficient to sustain a person for 3 to 5 days on land and 4 to 6 days at sea.
    • They are made to be high in calories and low in protein so as to provide high energy yet require minimal water for digestion. 
    • All natural ingredients. No preservatives. 
    • Non affected by high heat or freezing cold.
    • No cooking or heating needed. Eat straight from the package.

    Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Vegetable Shortening, Cane Sugar, Water, Coconut flavor and Salt. (Peanut Products Free)

    • Serving size: 1 portion, 40g
    • Servings per package: 18 
    • Calories: 200 
    • Carbohydrates: 26 g 
      • Sugar: 5 g
    • Protein: 3 g 
    • Total Fat: 9 g 
      • Sat Fat: 2g 
      • Mono-unsat: 6 g 
      • Poly-unsat: 1 g 
    • Sodium: 0.75 mg
    • Cholesterol: 0.378 mg
    What's Included:
    How/When to Use:

    Lifeboat/Liferaft at Sea:

    • Eat one bar every 6 hours per person

    Other Emergencies on Land:

    • Eat one bar every 4 hours per person
    • Dimensions: 9 cm x 6.4 cm x 11.4 cm (Each)
    • Dimensions: 34.3 cm x 21.6 cm x 25.4 cm (Box)
    • Product Weight: 1.59 lbs (720 g) (Each)
    • Total Weight: 34 lbs (15.4 kg) (Box)
    • Calories: 3600 kcal (15,075 KJ) (Each)

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