Mountain House® Pouch Packages

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      Our Mountain House® Long Term Pouch packages are the gold standard for food storage. Each package contains gourmet freeze dried food for one person for an extended period of time (1 month - 12 months) at a bargain price. Save time with easy preparation. just add hot water, wait 10 minutes...and eat directly from the pouch - No dishes or cookware needed! 

      Unlike other food storage company that sell you processed dehydrated food, Mountain House foods are made fresh and then freeze dried. The process allows the food to taste the same after 30+ years. Mountain House products contain real meats (no TVP or Soy). Do your research and see the DIFFERENCE! Not all food storage is created equally!

      1. 3 MEALS A DAY 
      2. 30+ Year Shelf Life (virtually indistinguishable taste after 30 years!  You may notice a slight change in flavor but we've had pouches and cans that were over 30 years old that are still tasty.
      3. Just Add Hot Water, wait 10 minutes and eat directly from the pouch!
      4. A wide variety of delicious Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner entrees to keep you happy!