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      Protection Gear

      Protection gear is an important component in any emergency situation or natural disaster. Protective gear protects the head, eyes, and hands from falling debris that can harm vital body parts. Emergency hard hats and leather palm work gloves provide excellent protection for your head and hands during evacuation situations. Safety vests with reflective stripe increase visibility during search and rescue situations and allow you to be seen in the dark. Emergency tools provide a wide range of applications and are versatile in any situation.

      Protective gear and emergency tools increase overall safety and survivability. Protective gear ensures that your important and vulnerable body parts are covered and protected from airborne particles and falling objects. Emergency tools provide a variety of different uses including prying open doors, cutting tangled wires, and lifting heavy objects.

      At 72HOURS, we offer a comprehensive selection of protection gear and emergency tools that are durable and easy to use.

      72HOURS carries a large selection of Protective Gear.

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