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      Sleeping Bags

      Emergency Sleeping Bags provides optimal warmth retention while being light and easy to carry. With 360 degrees coverage, sleeping bags are the best defence against the cold in any outdoor or survival situations. Sleeping Bags are also waterproof and can protect you from the rain and the cold. 

      Keeping yourself warm is one of the most important factors to consider in a survival situation. Hypothermia is an emergency situation where your body is losing more body heat than it is producing resulting in dangerously low body temperature. When your body experiences hypothermia, your body systems are unable to function normally and can lead to complete system failure. Prolong state of hypothermia can damage bodily organs such as the heart, liver, kidney failure, and even death.

      Sleeping Bags also have a number of different functions including; ground cover, a tarp, insulation, poncho, reflective signal, and more. 72HOURS carries a range of Emergency Sleeping Bags starting from standard Emergency Sleeping Bags, to deluxe ones that can be reused over and over again. All of our Sleeping Bags are made with a durable and tough material that is strong against rips and tears. Aluminized Sleeping Bags provide additional protection and warmth retention.

      72HOURS carries a wide selection of Emergency Blanket.

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