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72HRS Emergency Sleeping Bag

ITEM 72H-008
Regular price $6.95

72HRS Emergency Sleeping Bag

72HRS Emergency Sleeping Bag

ITEM 72H-008
Regular price $6.95


  • Body warmth maintenance (up to 90% heat retention)
  • Metallic Fabric
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Water and Wind Resistant
  • Reusable



Light and compact, the 72HRS Emergency Sleeping Bag is made of aluminized non-stretch metallic fabric. Great for survival kits, camping, hiking, boating or emergencies. Aluminized fabric provided up to 90% heat retention ensuring optimal warmth. Water and wind resistant, the 72HRS Emergency Sleeping Bag can be used as a shelter or tarp. Reflective metallic fabric can also be used as a reflector or signal in case of an emergency.

What's Included:

  • [1] 72HRS Emergency Sleeping Bag

How/When to Use:


  1. Emergency Shelter
  2. Reflective Distress signal
  3. Protective wrap (Accidents or exposures and shock)


  • Dimensions: 213 cm x 91.5 cm

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