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Heavy Duty Emergency Sleeping Bag for 1

Heavy Duty Emergency Sleeping Bag, Waterproof, 82"x 58", Blue Color (Single Person)

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SKU: EMS-003

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Product Details

ShelterMe is a perfect choice for hiking and camping, it'll keep you dry and warm as a sleeping bag, ground cover, or temporary shelter. It's lightweight, waterproof, thermal reflective, and tear resistant with their double-sided aluminized/laminate fiber scrim.

  • Perfect for 1 person
  • Waterproof
  • Tear resistant
  • Blue color
  • Thermal reflective
  • Strap gromments
  • 2 sided zipper
  • Polybag with header card

Double Sided:

  • Side 1: Aluminized
  • Side 2: Laminate fiber scrim


  • Closed: 29" x 82"
  • Open : 58" x 82"
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