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72HRS All Weather Automotive Kit

72HRS All Weather Automotive Kit

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Product Details

Food and Water

Keep your body nourished with Datrex Food and Water Rations. Contains a 3 day supply of food and water. All Datrex Food and Water rations are US Coast Guard and Transport Canada approved and have a 5-year shelf life.

Datrex Emergency Food Ration Features:
[1] 2400 Calorie Datrex Food Ration
US Coast Guard and Transport Canada approved
5-year shelf life
Country of Origin: USA

Datrex Emergency Water Ration Features:
[6] 125ml Datrex Water Rations
5-year shelf life
Transport Canada and U.S. Coast Guard approved
Country of Origin: USA
Withstands temperature from (-40 C to 99 C) without bursting

Auto Emergency Supplies

[1] Collapsible Shovel
[1] All-in-One Auto Emergency Tool
[1] 6 Gauge Booster Cable
[1] Tow Rope
[1] Reflective Safety Vest
[1] Reflective Triangle
[1] Flat Tire Fixer
[1] Oil Siphon Pump
[1] Tire Gauge
[1] Luggage Cord
[1] 10" Wrench
[1] Screw with 9 bits
[1] Utility Knife

Shelter, Light and Communication Supplies

Search and Rescue Supplies

[1] Pair of Leather Work Gloves
[1] Surgical Masks
[1] Duct Tape Roll
[1] 72HRS 3-Wick 36HR Emergency Candles
[40] Waterproof Matches
[1] Safety Whistle



Weight: 11.3kg (25 lbs)
Dimension: 45.7cm x 38.7cm x 31.8 cm (18in x 15.3in x 12.5in)


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