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CPR Pocket Mask in Hard Shell

CPR Pocket Mask in Hard Case

CPR Pocket Mask in Hard Shell

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    • CPR Pocket Mask available in a hardshell case
    • Help reduce the risk of cross-contamination and transference of bacteria between the victim and rescuer in situations where mouth-to-mouth assistance is required
    • Effective ventilation through both the nose and mouth
    • Note: Colour of hard case may vary based on inventory


    How/When to Use:

    CPR Pocket Mask is used by first responders to enable mouth-to-mouth ventilation without coming into direct contact with the patient's mouth. 

      1. Ensure that the head is tilted back to open the airway
      2. Apply the mask to the patients face securely
      3. Press the mask into the face to create a tight seal
      4. Blow through the inlet and watch the chest rise
      5. Give each breath over 1 second, do not over-inflate lungs

      The risk of blowing air into the stomach causes regurgitation/vomiting if blowing too hard. It is important to ensure each breath lasts 1 second and is enough to cause the chest to rise and fall

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