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Instant Fire- 2 Gallon

Instant Fire- 2 Gallon

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Insta-Fire is a safe, simple, and versatile new fire starting product. It is a perfect substitute for wood and other fuel sources. It has water-repellent properties, a fifteen minute burn time. Use it to light campfires, prepare charcoal briquettes, or as a safe and reliable fuel source for cooking or heating in emergency situations..Green – no harmful vapors.Can be stored near food.

1. Pour 1/2 cup of InstaFire on nonflammable surface. 
2. Light InstaFire (InstaFire is not actively flammable or volatile. There are no risks of flare-ups). 
3. For best results, occasionally stir the InstaFire until completely burned. 
4. When using as a sole source of fuel add 1/2 cup of InstaFire every 15-20 minutes to keep your fire burning. 

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