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Oral Thermometer

Oral Thermometer

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Product Details

Thermometers are an essential part of your first aid kit. A first-aid kit should contain a thermometer to measure body temperature.
  • Centigrade scale
  • Individually packaged in a protective plastic case
  • Dimensions: 12cm x 1cm 

How/When to Use:

Oral temperature is taken through the mouth in order to determine if you or a family member has a fever. Normal oral temperature for adults are 37° C (98.6° F). The normal oral temperature for a child is between 36.4° and 37.4° C (97.6° and 99.3°  F). Place thermometer into mouth making sure it does not read more than 35.6° C (96° F) before usage (if so, shake and check before using). Close your lips gently around the thermometer placing metallic end under your tongue for 3 minutes making sure you do not bite. Remove without touching the tip to get proper reading. Clean by washing with soap and warm water as hot water may break thermometer. 

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