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      Meals Ready to Eat (MRE)

      Developed to be used by the United States military, the Meal, Ready-to-Eat (MRE) was a strong successor to the previously used meal rations such as the MCI and LRP rations since 1981. These ration packs provided not only military personnel with a full meal or snack when in training/combat but offer civilians sustenance during natural disasters.

      For the past 35 years, MRE has continued their research and developing different meals and technologies to further the product. Currently, these ration packs have 24 different entrées and more than 150 additional items with a 5-year shelf life. offers a wide variety of MRE products such as a complete 12 meal case with MRE’s most popular entrées that are pre-cooked. There is also a vegetarian option to cater to your specific dietary needs. Each ration pack meal set comes with the following items:

      1. Main entree
      2. Starch
      3. Snack
      4. Dessert
      5. Drink mix
      6. Spoon
      7. Napkin
      8. Wet nap
      9. Coffee
      10. Sugar
      11. Non-dairy creamer
      12. Salt and pepper
      13. Candy
      14. Hot sauce
      15. Flameless Ration Heater 

      Each meal set also includes a cutting-edge flameless ration heater (FRH) so you can enjoy a hot meal wherever you go.

      * individually packaged foods do not include the FRH*

      How to Prepare an MRE Ration?

      1. Open MRE ration bag

      2. Find bag labelled "Heater" and fill till the water reaches the fill line

      3. Let the heater sit for a minute to heat up

      4. Insert entrée package into the heater

      5. Allow for entrée to be completely heated up before serving

      6. MRE will be heated and ready to serve within a few minutes

      Other Ration Pack Options:

      72Hours carries a number of different brands and options ranging from 5-30 years shelf life. These include emergency rations bars, MRE, survival tablets, freeze-dried foods, and dehydrated food options.