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5 Gallon Mylar Bag (Open End) - 5.0 Mil (19" x 29")


5 Gallon Mylar Bag (Open End) - 5.0 Mil (19" x 29")

5 Gallon Mylar Bag (Open End) - 5.0 Mil (19" x 29")

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5 Gallon Mylar Bag (Open End) - 5.0 Mil (19" x 29")

Mylar bags are a great alternative for efficient and effective long term food storage. Made from polyester resin, Mylar bags provided resistance to gas and moisture, provides chemical stability, and possesses high tensile strength. Simply fill the Mylar bag with any dry food, place one or two oxygen absorbers, and seal the bag with a Hot Jaws Handheld Heat Sealer or iron. Mylar bags ensure optimal food freshness and storage longevity. An essential part of any food storage system, Mylar bags create an oxygen barrier that provided long term food protection and storage.

  • FDA Approved
  • Food Grade Quality
  • Made of polyester resin
  • Gas and moisture resistance
  • Chemical stability
  • High tensile strength
  • Provided long term storage and protection of food
How To Use:
  1. Open up the Mylar bag.
  2. Place desired dry food source into the Mylar bag.
  3. Leave approximately 2 inches (approximately 5 cm) of place at the top of the bag for sealing.
  4. Place oxygen absorbers into the mylar bag(Optional) (Refer to info sheet under specifications)
  5. Using a Hot Jaws Handheld Heat Sealer, clamp on the opening of the bag and wait 5 seconds for the bag to seal.
  6. If you do not have a heat sealer, an iron will also work. Simply place the opening of the bag on a flat surface and apply a hot iron to seal the opening. Wait 5 seconds.

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